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n. Islam
1. The sacred dress of Muslim pilgrims, consisting of two lengths of white cotton, one wrapped around the loins, the other thrown over the left shoulder.
2. The state of ritual purity of Muslims in wearing this dress for pilgrimage or for other acts of worship, especially the daily worship.

[Arabic 'iḥrām, prohibition, ihram, infinitive of 'aḥrama, to enter the state of ihram, from ḥarama, to prohibit; see x̣rm in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) the customary white robes worn by Muslim pilgrims to Mecca, symbolizing a sacred or consecrated state
[C18: from Arabic ihrām, from harama he forbade]
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Those who are going through Madinah will put on their ihram at Dhul Hulaifa.
The couple can be seen in the traditional Ihram, a state in which pilgrims wear special outfits: twopiece seamless garments for men and any loose dress for women, who are permitted to reveal hands and faces only.
Male pilgrims will don the ihram, two pieces of white seamless cloth that is mandatory before undertaking the journey on Thursday.
The ihram helps fosters a conviction that all people are equal before God, regardless of their background, wealth or social standing.
Before arriving in Mecca, the pilgrims perform certain rituals in order to enter the state of Ihram, a precondition for beginning the holy pilgrimage.
Instructional videos are also available on how and when to wear the Ihram (white garments that pilgrims must wear before performing their religious observances).
It may be for this reason that when a person is in the state of ihram within the House of God, the Kaaba, and is practicing the highest form of responsibility and devotion toward God, they are strictly forbidden from cutting any plant or hurting any animal.
2) what the Atonement does not end it, intercourse during the day in Ramadan and intercourse in Ihram, and these sins are limited and replaced by the corruption of Siam, or the corruption of Ihram, or reneged on the right, or in intercourse with menstruation or unhide.
Students clad in Ihram and demonstrated how Hajj is performed.
Men are required to wear a garment known as ihram during the course of the pilgrimage, which is a re-enactment of the story of Abraham.
The state of ihram is signified (for men) by the wearing of two pieces of unsown white cloth.
Those taking part in Hajj must do so in a state of Ihram, or purity.