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il·e·ac 1

Of, relating to, or having the nature of ileus.

il·e·ac 2

Variant of iliac.


(ˈɪlɪˌæk) or


1. (Anatomy) anatomy of or relating to the ileum
2. (Pathology) pathol of or relating to ileus
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From orad to aborad, we observed the following: 1) the duodenum, a large and wide simple loop followed by a relatively symmetric Meckel track presenting the Meckel diverticulum at its extreme; 2) the supraduodenal or ileac loop, which is closely attached to the duodenal loop by mesenterium and vascularly supplied by branches of the duodenal vessels; 3) a large supracecal kink formed by the aborad portion of small intestine; 4) a pair of vestigial ceca; and 5) a short and straight rectum (colon) closely attached to the dorsal coelomic wall, all of which are supplied by the caudal mesenteric blood vessels.
However, there were no significant differences in the jejunal and ileac BBMV Pi transport activity among the three Pi diets (Figure 2).