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n. ileocolitis, infl. de la mucosa del íleon y el colon.
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On colonoscopic examination, ulcerative lesions with spontaneous bleeding foci were found in the terminal ileum and cecum and the biospy result was compatible with chronic ileocolitis.
Walker SJ, Fortunato J, Gonzalez LG, Krigsman A (2013) Identification of unique gene expression profile in children with regressive autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and ileocolitis.
The most common symptom is pruritus in the perianal region, but infestation may also present with ileocolitis, enterocutaneous fistula, urinary tract infection, mesenteric abscesses, salpingitis and appendicitis.
She presented recent evidence showing that children with ASD and ileocolitis have a distinctive mucosal molecular profile that supports the presence of an ASD-associated inflammatory bowel disease variant.