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Plural of ilium.


(Anatomy) the plural of ilium


(Classical Myth & Legend) (in Roman legend) the daughter of Aeneas and Lavinia, who, according to some traditions, was the mother of Romulus and Remus. See also Rhea Silvia


(Placename) a transliteration of the Modern Greek name for Elia1
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Two days before the pope arrived, Ilia issued a statement saying Orthodox could not attend Catholic Masses because of doctrinal differences dating back to the 1054 schism that divided Christianity into eastern and western branches.
Glycogen storage disease type Ilia is an inherited metabolic disorder that interferes with the body's ability to release sugar from glycogen for energy, reads a press statement from the University of Manitoba.
However, NHMUK R3788 does not bear the diagnostic rim of the sacrodorsal rib facet visible, in lateral view, in the preacetabular notch, a character present in the ilia of the holotypes of both Barilium dawsoni (Norman, 2011a) and Delapparentia turolensis (this paper).
I would like to recall the words of John Paul II that our churches are the brothers founded by Peter and Andrew," Ilia II said.
According to David Bagrationi, after Ilia II baptized his son and called him the Prince, there have been statements and calls for
Outre Serguei Oudaltsov, leader du Front de gauche, et Ilia Iachine, dirigeant du mouvement d'opposition liberale Solidarnost, Ksenia Sobtchak, presentatrice vedette a la television russe a egalement ete interpellee, a-t-elle indique sur son compte twitter.
La teoria de Ilia Galan, como se indica en el mismo titulo del libro, es una teoria del Caos.
TODAY: boys final - Konstantinos Ilia (CYP X 1) vs Leandros Papayiannis (CYP X 3) at 5pm.
Instead, any such initiative will probably have to come from Alexy and Ilia themselves.
Key Personnel: Ilia Lekach, chairman and chief executive officer.
Andy looks fine," said Rusedski, who will partner Murray against Nenad Zimonjic and Ilia Bozoljac.