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 (ĭl′kə) also ilk (ĭlk)
adj. Scots
Each; every.

[Middle English ilk a, each one : ilk (variant of ech, each; see each) + a, one, a; see a2.]


(ˈɪl kə)

adj. Chiefly Scot.
every; each.
[1150–1200; Middle English; orig. phrase ilk a each one. See ilk2, a1]
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Ilka Buss, Consultant - Climate Change and Energy for Development, Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme, Germany
Ilka Horstmeier, who heads up BMW Group's global production network for engines and electrified powertrain, said: "Our new engine family of highly efficient three, four and sixcylinder engines have a standard design, a high number of similar parts and a uniform process for manufacture.
Doon, laich doon the Dullan sings - An' I ken o' an aul' sauch tree, Where a wee loon's wahnie's hingin' yet That's dead in Picardy; An' ilka win' fae the Conval's broo Bends aye the buss o' ern, Where aince he futtled a name that noo I'll read on the Soldiers' Cairn.
Trained by Ilka Gansera-Leveque, the Zebedee filly had few supporters at Ripon but won what was probably only an average event in fine style.
Yorkshire is celebrated not just round 'ere but as far away as New Zealand, where expatriate Tykes eat Yorkshire pudding and sing Ilka Moor Baht 'At.
Ilka printed |dress PS99, San Jose necklace PS25 (available at selected stores)
The band's finale was Peter Graham's Shine As The Light before the joint encore of On Ilka Moor Baht 'at .
My goal is to lose my wife, Ilka," Randy jokingly states.
Litchfield Dance Arts Academy Pawleys Island, SC Contact: Ilka Doubek 843.
A catalogue of the fragments from Room N accompanies the study, as do two appendices: the first on the analysis results of the painting technology by Ann Brysbaert, and the second documenting the restoration process by Ilka Weisser.