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Here ill luck, or rather good luck, sent Mrs Western to see her maid in tears, which began to flow plentifully at her approach; and of which being asked the reason by her mistress, she presently acquainted her that her tears were occasioned by the rude treatment of that creature there--meaning Honour.
Nothing could hunt it, because its whole body was covered with scales, which were harder than stone or metal; its two great eyes shone by night, and even by day, like the brightest lamps, and anyone who had the ill luck to look into those eyes became as it were bewitched, and was obliged to rush of his own accord into the monster's jaws.
said he to his wife, 'what ill luck has befallen me
For heaven's sake, don't think of me, but fly from this place, Take care, it bears ill luck to the De Witts
But I have noticed that those who continually dread ill luck and fear it will overtake them, have no time to take advantage of any good fortune that comes their way.
The mother was actually not so disappointed by the failure of the former investment because the bad dream neither harmed the health of her sons nor caused any ill luck to his girlfriend or other surrounding people.
But her disastrous party conference speech was much more about ill luck than ill judgment.
He said: "Rarely do you see a referee at international level make one glaring error in a game, let alone "It was Northern Ireland's ill luck to encounter such an unfortunate scenario.
Apparently, you cannot wear the color red as it brings ill luck.
Worshipping Shani will bring ill luck to them and give rise to crimes against them like rape," he told reporters in Haridwar on Sunday.
The story is set in the small town of Never Better and the main character is the boy, Jeremy Johnson who seems dogged by ill luck.
Following his death, it was acquired by the National Tram Museum and a group was set up in 1963 to restore it, but its ill luck struck again when the building in which it was stored was torched.