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Adj.1.ill-famed - known widely and usually unfavorably; "a notorious gangster"; "the tenderloin district was notorious for vice"; "the infamous Benedict Arnold";
disreputable - lacking respectability in character or behavior or appearance
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There were moments, indeed, at night, when, lying sleepless in his own delicately scented chamber, or in the sordid room of the little ill-famed tavern near the docks which, under an assumed name and in disguise, it was his habit to frequent, he would think of the ruin he had brought upon his soul with a pity that was all the more poignant because it was purely selfish.
I do not know why I had an inkling that it would appeal to Strickland's sense of humour to bring a furious stockbroker over to Paris on a fool's errand to an ill-famed house in a mean street.
Where everything maimed, ill-famed, lustful, untrustful, over-mellow, sickly-yellow and seditious, festereth pernicious:--
The Saudi intelligence agency will provide financial and arms backup for ill-famed Sheikh Mahmud al-Sarkhi to pave the way for killing Iraq's top religious figures," Alwaei news reported.
The grave of the ill-famed doctor became a monument visited and venerated by extremists coming from all Israeli colonies in Palestine.
There is no need to go into details, sufficing to say that it does seem to be part of the ill-famed American sponsored Creative Chaos 'programme' initiated quite openly by the secretary of state at the time, Condoleezza Rice.
This war has been compared to Nazi Germany's invasion of the Soviet Union, which was directly responsible for the downfall of Nazism, and to the US's ill-famed adventure in Vietnam, as well as to the Japanese Navy's attack against the Pearl Harbor naval base, which drove the United States to respond with the cataclysmic nuclear attacks against Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The court, located in the Police Academy in New Cairo, will resume its sessions today as Wagdi is set to give his word on setting ablaze documents by the ill-famed State Security.
Ironically; the revelation of these scandalous photos itself has taken a backseat to the ongoing escalation of yet another western military intervention; this time in Libya; one more oil rich country where the American empire and its European cronies can really sink their sharpened teeth into; but as the sea of innocent blood overflows in Libya and the western coalition hands the whole operation over to the ill-famed NATO forces; we need to temper our exuberance and expectations for what the Odyssey Dawn might eventually bring us and pray that in a year's time we won't be confronted with "trophy" photographs of Libyan civilian victims.