illegal possession

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Noun1.illegal possession - possession of controlled substances
criminal possession - (law) possession for which criminal sanctions are provided because the property may not lawfully be possessed or may not be possessed under certain circumstances
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TWO men are being sought by the police in connection with the attempted murder of a 26-year-old man, illegal possession and transportation of explosives, and causing gun-shot damages to a car on February 25 in Limassol.
Nine UCLA football players pleaded no contest Wednesday to illegal possession of handicapped parking placards, a misdemeanor, and were sentenced to 200 hours of community service and $1,485 apiece in fines and fees.
Malik Nassar Harhra (26), Shahid Butt (33), both from Small Heath, Samad Ahmed (21), from Yardley, along with Mohsin Ghalain (18), of London, Ghulam Hussein (25), from Luton, and Frenchman James Louvres (30), all deny associating with armed groups, plotting murder and destruction, and illegal possession of weapons.
by officers Brendon O'Malley, Jeffrey Notaro and Edward Jeffrey and charged with a stop sign violation, being a minor transporting liquor, an open container violation and illegal possession of a Class E substance
DRUGS squad YKAN arrested four people on Friday night in Kato Paphos in connection with illegal possession of drugs, intent to supply, and possession of fake euros.
Noriega is also being held on suspicion of illegal possession of an assault rifle.
Worcester, is charged with larceny of a motor vehicle, failure to stop for police, operating after license suspended, illegal possession of heroin (subsequent offense), illegal possession of amitriptyline hydrochloride, negligently driving a motor vehicle and stop sign speeding and marked lanes violations.
Police are investigating nine types of offences: rape, inducing a sedative state with the purpose of committing a felony and a misdemeanour, sexual exploitation of an adult, corrupting a woman via threats or the administering of medicines, indecent assault against a woman, illegal possession and administering of banned medical concoctions, assault causing actual bodily harm, illegal possession of a firearm and gains from illicit activities.
So far, Mitnick has pleaded guilty to the only crimes he has been charged with: illegal possession of cellular telephone codes and violating supervised release from a 1989 hacking conviction.
Miguel Martinez and charged with failure to drive in the right lane, illegal possession of a Class B substance and on a warrant.
The suspects were arrested for further questioning on charges of illegal possession of Papaver somniferum plants, illegal possession of opium plants with intent to supply, illegal possession of a Class A narcotic and illegal possession of a Class A narcotic with intent to supply.
Kaczynski has been charged only with the illegal possession of explosives, a charge not specifically tied to the Unabomber.