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Not legible or decipherable.

il·leg′i·bil′i·ty, il·leg′i·ble·ness n.
il·leg′i·bly adv.
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Adv.1.illegibly - in an illegible mannerillegibly - in an illegible manner; "this student writes illegibly"
decipherably, legibly, readably - in a legible manner; "you must write legibly"
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[ɪˈledʒəblɪ] ADVde modo ilegible


[ɪˈlɛdʒəblɪ] advin modo illeggibile


(iˈledʒəbl) adjective
(almost) impossible to read; not legible. His writing is illegible.
ilˈlegibly adverb
ilˌlegiˈbility noun
References in classic literature ?
This mental exercise lasted until Biddy made a rush at them and distributed three defaced Bibles (shaped as if they had been unskilfully cut off the chump-end of something), more illegibly printed at the best than any curiosities of literature I have since met with, speckled all over with ironmould, and having various specimens of the insect world smashed between their leaves.
Men of character always differentiate their long letters, however illegibly they may write.
Opening it they found a crude message printed almost illegibly, and with many evidences of an unaccustomed task.
Dear me, Annie, how illegibly your cousin Maldon writes, and how stupid I am
Ever since the middle of 1964, I have been receiving at my office weekly visits from a flabby, furtive, rat-faced character who thrusts in front of me a few illegibly scribbled sheets of foolscap headed Scouting the City.
along party lines, for a 503-page tax bill few legislators--let alone members of the public--had,, had a chance to read, with amendments illegibly scrawled in the margins.
13) has illegibly miniscule type, and the nuanced shades of gray are impossible to decipher.
Mr Bazunu also admitted failing to adequately record details of his assessment on the patient and illegibly recording the incident in the home's accident log.
Detainees may also write illegibly and scratch out words to make their confessions inadmissible in court.
Onya had a tendency to misspell or write illegibly.
Old documents have their charm; they can be beautifully written by a professional calligrapher or hurriedly and illegibly written by a town clerk.
The corporation should also anticipate that additional questions may yield not only direct processing costs, but may also be filled out incompletely, incorrectly, or illegibly, requiring the claims administrator to reach out to the individual and request supplemental information.