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(ˈɪl ɪn)
Slang. foolish; crazy.
[1980–85; appar. from ill]
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amuddu (Le voyage),tawargit (Le reve), talwit ur illin (La quietude perdue), ussan n usunfu (Jours de repos), Anbgi (l'invite), amuddu igguran (Le dernier voyage).
Prepubertal porcine ovaries were collected from a local slaughterhouse and transported to the laboratory at 25[degrees]C in Dulbecco's phosphate-buffered saline (DPBS) supplemented with 75 [micro]g/L penic illin G and 50 [micro]g/L streptomycin sulfate.
Contrary to some illin formed articles, players such as Petrov, Lennon and Hart son a re absolutely pivotal to the team and are going nowhere.
Illin rightly considers these meanings misleading in the context of Coetzee's novel.