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1. Not readily converted into cash: illiquid assets.
2. Lacking cash or liquid assets.

il′li·quid′i·ty n.


1. (Banking & Finance) (of an asset) not easily convertible into cash
2. (Banking & Finance) (of an enterprise, organization, etc) deficient in liquid assets


(ɪˈlɪk wɪd)

not readily convertible into cash; not liquid.
il`li•quid′i•ty, n.
il•liq′uid•ly, adv.


A. ADJfalto de liquidez
B. CPD illiquid assets NPLactivos mpl no realizables (a corto plazo)
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Contract notice: Appointment of pension fund investment manager illiquid debt.
Net illiquid wealth is the value of home equity plus the net value of other real estate plus the value of private annuities or IRAs; it also includes the value of other investments in trusts or estates, bond funds, and life insurance policies.
Global Banking News-January 6, 2014--Deposits better than shadow banking system to fund illiquid assets
However, a penalty or fee to get liquid is not the same thing as illiquid.
or hold assets in an illiquid form, such as real estate, and earn 10%
From its base in New York City, Pluris has experienced tremendous growth over the past three years, due to its proprietary data and unique expertise in valuing illiquid assets.
Increased redemption levels led to a growing concentration of increasingly illiquid stocks, and difficulties in repatriating settlement proceeds from Nigeria meant the fund was unable to find the necessary cash for investors trying to get out.
It embraces assets that are not financial titles, such as real estate, specialized property, intangible assets, and other illiquid objects that are not customized and possess certain specific, unique features.
and transition phase with the objective of selling existing illiquid Sri Lankan
If a plan holds an illiquid asset that the plan fiduciary determines is an imprudent investment for the plan (i.
Closed end funds, because they are usually illiquid for the life of the fund, typically must yield returns superior to more liquid investments, like REITs, to lure investors.