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1. Not readily converted into cash: illiquid assets.
2. Lacking cash or liquid assets.

il′li·quid′i·ty n.


the state of being illiquid
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To manage this illiquidity, you do have to have very deep integration and coordination with your risk management effort.
But, simultaneously, it noted that it would not boost the new allocation due to illiquidity.
But as an adviser trained to look at a wide range of investment options I'm afraid I struggle with the illiquidity of 'bricks and mortar' funds and their swingeing fees.
Croatia needs foreign investments, and foreign investors require investment protection, the stability of the financial environment, greater efficiency in obtaining building permits, protection of private property, and dealing with illiquidity, the bank said.
While the stock market sinks into illiquidity, the modifications to the law on securities, which make the quoting of companies mandatory, is still waiting for adoption in Parliament.
Specifically, the main issue of our research revolves around the existence of a possible effect of measuring financial instruments at fair value on banking contagion during periods of illiquidity.
Illiquidity Premium in Absolute Returns but Not in Residual
Svetlana Vukcevik agrees with Minister Stavreski's statement that the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia, which auctions treasury bills and collects money from banks, is to be blamed for the illiquidity but only to the point when we get reminded that the Government plays the same game too by selling other type of securities--government securities.
Two primary factors are the compensation investors require to hold a security that is less liquid than its nominal counterpart, termed the illiquidity premium, and the insurance value they attach to obtaining protection against inflation risk, known as the inflation risk premium.
The British banking system is floating face down in a pool of its own illiquidity and it's pointless us chucking it another lifeline" - Writer Will Self.
A simultaneous pullback in available capital for further real estate investment created a state of illiquidity in both the debt and real estate markets that, combined with the mass sell-off, had the effect of causing property pricing to plummet.
Creating inherent illiquidity through these covenants shifts power to the issuer.