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Something that gives off light.

[Latin illūmināns, illūminant-, present participle of illūmināre, to illuminate; see illuminate.]


something that provides or gives off light
giving off light; illuminating


(ɪˈlu mə nənt)

an illuminating agent or material.
[1635–45; < Latin]
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Noun1.illuminant - something that can serve as a source of light
fuel - a substance that can be consumed to produce energy; "more fuel is needed during the winter months"; "they developed alternative fuels for aircraft"
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And now a large part of the American people must begin to enrich the Rockefellers as soon as the sun goes down, no matter what form of illuminant they use.
The Effect of Illuminant Rotation on Texture Filters: Lissajous's Ellipses, In: ECCV02, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, pp 662-664
The adjustment to the CIE illuminant C[UV(C)] specified in the new standard, ISO 11476, gives a much lower relative UV content than the adjustment to the CIE illuminant D65 [UV(D65)] specified in ISO 11475.
Osaka, Japan) with an 8 mm diameter measurement area, using a D65 standard illuminant.
65] illuminant, 10[degrees] observer) according to DIN 6174 before exposure.
4 Cleanability/Stain Reagents: 10% citric acid, resistance vegetable oil, coffee, milk, catsup, mustard, vinegar, red lipstick, grape juice, black permanent marker, water washable black marker, and # 2 pencil PCI # 8 Cure MEK swap - 50 double rubs Color match C Lab - Cool white fluorescent illuminant dE cmc<1.
Daech veut eteindre l'art et la culture, cette lueur illuminant notre vie et essence meme de l'humanite.
Tenders are invited for C/O 50 Bedded Hospital At Ftr Hq Bsf Jodhpur Sh Supplying And Fixing Of Different Type Self Cryptograms Illuminant Signage
It should be possible to develop and maintain Illuminant tables and tristimulus Integration weight sets that are suitable for the lighting of today and that can be adapted as lighting technology continues to advance," he claims.
were measured after cutting and blooming for more than 15 min using a Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-2500d with an 8 mm measuring port, D 65 illuminant and 10[degrees] observer.
06 Having studied Image B, and with further consideration, what are the coordinates of Illuminant E?