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il·lu′sive·ly adv.
il·lu′sive·ness n.
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He was for some time without reflection or thought for the divine charm which is in the things of nature, specially after a fantastic dream; then gradually this view of the outer world, so calm, so pure, so grand, reminded him of the illusiveness of his vision, and once more awakened memory.
In an effort to purge legal history from the postmodernist wasteland, and delineate its benefits along with its shortcomings, both of these historical accounts are presented and then analyzed under Raymond Martin's Progress in Historical Studies, (162) which argues for recognizing progress in historical understanding despite the illusiveness of a factual past.
In contrast to Creeley's typically anxious and entangled male, this narrator is coolly descriptive, yet at the same time is much preoccupied by the problem of telling, recognizing the illusiveness of the object of telling: "Let me put it another way.
And even, in my illusiveness, there is one person I haven't been able to fool, ME
Ghanaian Urban Setting Project Identifiers Selected Highlights, Insights, Lessons Author: Project underscores significant threats to the Felix Agorsah impact of training on the quality of care: poor environmental hygiene a the community level; loss Country: of equipment and supplies due to pilfering by Ghana staff; uncertainties regarding continuity of support and supervision by key agencies; the Title: illusiveness of "community" because of the An Integrated Early commuter nature of the beneficiaries of childcare Childhood services.
Her simplicity mingled with illusiveness unsettles Ete Kamba, such that he begins to wonder if he "could cope with a woman like that" (63).
Even though I numerically re-translate cinder I remain no closer to absolute finding akin as this is to the illusiveness gathered from tracings drifting within the field of a muon.
For this reason it is not the function of the formal condition of the play-within-the-play to make the spectators keep a critical distance from the self-reflected event onstage, as they realize its "stage" character and thus see through its illusiveness, but rather, as the different levels of the play also render the boundary between stage and audience, theater and world, permeable, it is the distinction between reality and play, existence and appearance, that are cast into doubt.