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 (ĭ-lŭs′trə-tĭv, ĭl′ə-strā′tĭv)
Acting or serving as an illustration.

il·lus′tra·tive·ly adv.
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Illustratively, the LTW force might be used to wage a large war in the Persian Gulf, the hightechnology strike force might be used in Asia to help halt a North Korean attack, and the lowintensity force might be used for peacekeeping on Europe's periphery.
Illustratively, Fleck and his colleagues (1980) concluded that psychological father absence (i.
In their new book "Robo sapiens: Evolution of a New Species" (MIT Press: Cambridge, 2000), Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio illustratively outline the progress of robotics.
In the pilot experiment to follow, however, we have utilized, illustratively, an additive utility model.
From the endless list of utopians, anarchists, political thinkers, and speculators on the future of science, technology, and society, illustratively there are prophet nationalist Mickiewicz, Christian democratic Lammenais, social engineer Comte, and social scientist and utopian, Marx.
Illustratively, South Carolina's seven elected commissioners operate in a more politicized, less professionalized environment than New Jersey's three appointed commissioners, who command three times the budget and staff of South Carolina even though the states' aggregate electricity sales are about the same.
Illustratively, Usner's second chapter, "French-Natchez Borderlands in Colonial Louisiana," focuses on the Native community that dominated Swanton's 1911 study of Indian Tribes of the Lower Mississippi Valley.
It explores, both formally through modeling and illustratively through three in-depth case studies, the asymmetric dynamics of public-private sector bargaining in the use of incentives to influence capital investment/disinvestment choices.
In spite of our colloquialisms that emotions originate in the heart," Twerski observes in t he illustratively titled, Who Says You're Neurotic: How to Avoid Mistaken Psychiatric Diagnoses When the Problem May Be a Physical Condition, "all emotions reside in the brain, as do also our reasoning, intellect, judgment, and memory.
There are a few factual errors: illustratively, there is a failure to credit Malcolm X's change of heart against rigid Black Separatism towards the end of his life; unexplained references to `caste systems' within the Buddhist and Sikh communities; and Nahdatul Ulama's relationship to Indonesia's ruling party is far more nebulous than the staunch opposition that is implied here.
Illustratively, as a rough estimate, approximately sixty to sixty-five black C&B graduates from the 1989 entering class have attended or will attend one of Bowen and Bok's eight "top-tier" law schools.
Illustratively, seven of the top ten stories to which national survey respondents in 1997 paid very close attention entailed pain and loss, the death of Princess Diana being the front runner (Pew Research Center n.