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Of, relating to, or having undergone illuviation: illuvial organic matter.

[in- + -luvial (as in alluvial).]


(ɪˈlu vi əl)

of or pertaining to illuviation.
[1920–25; il-1 + (al)luvial]
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Morison (1948) introduced the idea that a soil catena could be regarded in analogy with an individual soil profile in the way that it comprises an eluvial section upslopc and an illuvial and colluvial section downslope.
Soil2 was illuvial humus podzol (Placic, Rustic, Albic, Folic, Stagnic Podzols) with Myrtilloso-polytrichosa forest type (forest type classification according to Buss (1997), and soil types according to Latvian and FAO WRB (2006) soil classifications).
The illuvial accumulation of clay on the vertical macroaggregate surfaces of B horizons and formation of Argic diagnostic horizon were observed in these soils.
Pixie Lott is the face of the Illuvial Collection, available exclusively at The Carphone Warehouse.
This process consists in the translocation of claysize particles from eluvial (A, E) to illuvial horizons (mainly Bt, and to a lesser degree, in BA or BC horizons).
The recent floodplain soils lack horizonation, illuvial accumulations, and soil structure.
The interval from 66-112 cm is also now part of the BC horizon of the surface soil and an illuvial horizon (B'X) of the fragipan.
Soil texture is silty in the eluvial horizons and clayey in the illuvial horizons.