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n. Informal
One who uses the techniques of advertising or public relations to create a favorable view, as of a person or institution.

im′age-mak′ing n.
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MARVEL/DC comic book illustrator John McCrea and celebrated image-maker Chris Keenan have collaborated with Birmingham-based Friction Arts and a Sandwell youth group to produce a contemporary video installation that reveals the personalities of eight extraordinary young people.
Koruturk said that so far other people have been the image-maker of CHP, adding that from now on, CHP would be its own image-maker.
Is the viewer invited here to contemplate the downfall of the image or the disappearance of the image-maker himself?
1) of the biblical notion of the Creator as an image-maker, whose own image is not bodily but life itself; thus, the divine image is best communicated by hearing Yahweh's word and feeling his form rather than by seeing his figure (hence the Old Testament prohibition of images).
Even in his 70s, Godard remains the most radical, cantankerous and challenging image-maker of our time.
He's an image-maker and people seem to identify with him,' Mr Curnow said.
As a digital image-maker, Evans chooses subjects with complex narratives, which she recreates visually by weaving together an intricate tapestry of original image elements.
He concocted one of the most scenically memorable productions ever seen at the Paris Opera, in co-operation with set designer Carl Filion, choreographers Johanne Madore and Alain Gauthier--all three Canadian--as well as costume designer Karin Erskine, lighting designer Maryse Gautier and image-maker Atsushi Moriyasu.
His importance as an image-maker of the city probably can't be overstated.
She is then discovered at a nightclub by a legendary image-maker named Maris Parings, who hires her to model for an underwear campaign.
The telephone is a potent image-maker for retailers.
Malashenko, Yeltsin's most trusted image-maker, is president and co-founder of Russia's most influential TV channel.