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a.1.That may be imaged.
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Framework agreement for the supply of heat imageable film for shooting targets (target Equipment) on military training areas.
Authors tend to focus on highly specific questions such as those concerning the art of composing imageable face or flower descriptions, respectively (Jajdelska et al.
They showed that more than half the words on their list were rated as more imageable by individuals with profound visual impairment from infancy than they were by those who were sighted, in a range of sense modalities.
In this study, a photolithography approach was adopted to fabricate waveguides on PCBs, using photo imageable polysiloxane as a wave-guide material.
The word desk is highly imageable, but the word liberty does not refer to an object and may not bring about a mental image as easily.
One criterion that makes the SCUP excellence award program different from other programs is the emphasis on the importance of the contribution that individual buildings make in relation to other buildings to form an imageable campus.
These models are made imageable with AntiCancer's OncoBrite technology using fluorescent proteins.
has completed a Phase II Study in patients with advanced imageable malignancies.
Diazo is the increasingly popular choice as the working photo mask (phototool) for liquid photo imageable solder inks allowing for easy registration to the panel.
Both an overview of the changes to cheque specifications and the complete Standard 006, Part A: Standards and Specifications for Imageable MICR-Encoded Cheques are available on the CPA's Web site at www.
Television's Imageable Influences: The Self-Perceptions of Young African-Americans.