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1. Having existence only in the imagination; unreal.
2. Mathematics
a. Of or being the coefficient of the imaginary unit in a complex number.
b. Of, involving, or being an imaginary number.
c. Involving only a complex number of which the real part is zero.
n. pl. i·mag·i·nar·ies Mathematics
An imaginary number.

i·mag′i·nar′i·ly adv.
i·mag′i·nar′i·ness n.
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These interactions between host/self/non-west and guest/other/west, along with the imaginariness embedded, are examples of appropriations of gay and lesbian identities--as part of modernity--which tell stories about themselves in relation to others.
Now Pierre began to see mysteries interpierced with mysteries, and mysteries eluding mysteries; and began to seem to see the mere imaginariness of the so supposed solidest principle of human association.