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r] = [mu]' - j [mu]") is the relative complex permeability, j represents the imaginary part, dB represents the unit of attenuation values of incident radar wave, f is the frequency of the EM wave, d is the coating thickness, c is the velocity of light, [Z.
The imaginary part of a quaternion has three components and may be associated with a 3-space vector.
The different parts of a complex number are the real part and the imaginary part and both of these are denoted by a real number.
For it, are analized the Nyquist plots and formalism of the imaginary part of the electrical module in the time domain (Williams & Watts, 1970) for study the dynamic processes of dielectric relaxation of the carriers.
8) are the complex eigenvalues whose imaginary part is the damped critical speed.
In Figure 2, the curves of the imaginary part of the electrical modulus are shown as a function of the frequency for various temperatures, of the LiI-4AgI sample.
A quaternion, thus, is an expansion of a complex number--those compound by a + bi where a and b are natural numbers and i is the imaginary unit, since i2 = -1, that is, i is the square root of minus 1 -, so w is its real part or scalar and rest of the equation is its imaginary part or vector.
In the noise field, the symmetric component is obtained from the real part and the ant symmetric component is obtained from the imaginary part of the signal.
of which the real part contains the cosine function, its plot generates a figure identical with that in figure 8 except that it is axially symmetric about axis y instead of axis z; the plot of the imaginary part, containing the sine function, is, analogously, axially symmetric about axis x; i.
He proved that a sequence consisting of the constant multiple of the imaginary part of the zero points of the Riemann zeta function is uniformly distributed modulo one under the Riemann hypothesis.
j] represent the real part and imaginary part respectively with j = 1,2, .
Figure 2 and 3 shows the frequency dependent real and imaginary part of dielectric constant at different temperature.