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v. i·mag·ined, i·mag·in·ing, i·mag·ines
1. To form a mental picture or image of: imagined a better life abroad.
2. To think or suppose; conjecture: I imagine you're right.
3. To have a notion of or about without adequate foundation; fancy or believe: She imagines herself to be a true artist.
1. To employ the imagination.
2. To have a belief or make a guess.

[Middle English imaginen, from Old French imaginer, from Latin imāginārī, from imāgō, imāgin-, image; see aim- in Indo-European roots.]

i·mag′in·er n.
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Et puisqu'on ne peut pas fermer les frontieres, il fallait imaginer des solutions a la hauteur du probleme.
D'autres rAaAaAeA@torquent, revanche, que l'opAaAaAeA@ration de virement n'est pas aussi facile que l' peut imaginer, allusion faire aux complexitAaAaAeA@s administratives de cet dAaAaAeA@march
Being sharp, he must have known that he would be given slack, a lot of it, being the unmistakable and undisguised Harry Roque, President Duterte's Mouth, Purveyor of Presidential Thoughts, Object of Envy of Critics, Screamer and Hurler of Hollow Blocks, and Reporter and Imaginer of the True State of MRT3.
Je ne pouvais imaginer que la nature pouvait faire tout cela toute seule (sic)[c], s'enthousiasme-t-elle.
Avec un gouvernement qui tranche dans les services essentiels a la survie, comment imaginer des hausses budgetaires en culture au provincial?
Hawkins will continue as an Account Representative and Imaginer, acting in both an advisory role and with direct involvement in Compass & Exhibit Associates move to increase their rental/preowned division.
At the museum, Mouser will host an array of engineering challenges and activities in its own company-branded Imaginer Studio, where museum guests will participate in interactive experiences while learning how engineering affects everyday life.
Nous vous invitons a vous joindre a nous pour feliciter celles et ceux qui ont recu un prix cette annee et qui sont mis a l'honneur dans ce numero, et a vous imaginer a leur place l'annee prochaine
Face a l'instabilite qui guette le sud de la Mediterranee, oE des defis considerables sont a relever, "nous devons imaginer, tous ensembles, les moyens pour associer le nord et le sud dans une demarche globale de creation de richesse", a preconise M.
Although McCarthy is hailed as a contemporary Jonathan Swift or Hieronymus Bosch, in fact he is no great narrator or imaginer.
To see the future of Dollywood, you need to borrow the vision of its chief imaginer, Dolly Parton.
Ils ne parviennent point a imaginer que leur regime a chute, que le pouvoir n'est plus dans leurs mains, que le reve de l'empowerment n'est plus, que la Confrerie a perdu la bataille.