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An inn or hostel for pilgrims in Turkey.

[Turkish, from Arabic 'imāra, 'imārat-, building, from 'amara, to build; see ʕmr in Semitic roots.]


(in Turkey) a hospice for pilgrims or travellers
[C17: from Turkish, from Arabic `imārah hospice, building, from amara he built]


(ɪˈmɑr ɛt)

an inn for travelers in Turkey.
[1605–15; < Turkish < Arabic ‘imārah building]
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Noun1.imaret - a hostel for pilgrims in Turkey
auberge, hostel, hostelry, inn, lodge - a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers
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Another of my influentially formative projects was the Imaret Hotel located in a small town called Kavala, near the Turkish border 15 kilometres from Philippi the
Ayverdi map shows that the small mosque and dergah of Basci Haci Mahmud were very close to the Haseki imaret.
When Egli first stepped into the courtyard of the Haski Hurrem imaret in Istanbul he realised his own expectations were going to be surpassed.