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Nutty, it is regrettable to say, went to his room after dinner for the purpose of imbibing two or three surreptitious whiskies-and-sodas.
It was rumored that her elaborately curled "front piece" had cost five dollars, and that it was sent into Portland twice a year to be dressed and frizzed; but it is extremely difficult to discover the precise facts in such cases, and a conscientious historian always prefers to warn a too credulous reader against imbibing as gospel truth something that might be the basest perversion of it.
Hasegawa, a Lit Manila business partner, expertly guided us on the history and art of imbibing Japanese whisky via four Suntory varieties: Suntory Old Whisky, Hibiki, The Chita, and The Yamazaki.
The participants later repeated the test after imbibing either a placebo, a drink strong enough to produce a 0.
In message delivered ahead of his birth anniversary, which falls on Sunday (April 13), Ansari called on the citizens of the country to commit ourselves to imbibing Lord Mahavira's noble message of cultivating right beliefs, right knowledge and right conduct, in order to build a non-violent and compassionate world.
Imbibing It is small wonder young people that so many young people are fat for these coffees are calorific.
Karachi -- President Asif Ali Zardari has said that Pakistan is passing through turbulent times and the need for imbibing the spirit of tolerance and harmony has never been as great as it is today.
Oh and if you want to get a jump-start on your weekend imbibing, Notre Dame plays this evening.
With devotional music holding a special place in the hearts of adults and children in the heartland, BIG Bal Kalakaar makes for an ideal combination-- imbibing good values through entertainment Sangeet mein Sanskaar
Seeds collected from low-elevation sites responded to limitation of soil moisture by imbibing less water than seeds collected from high-elevation sites (Lei, 2007).
All four were shy people who bolstered their confidence by imbibing and then making imbibing an endemic ingredient of their lives.
Gorging on the vast amounts of our money they're imbibing to cover their mistakes, they seem determined to claw back as much as possible.