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Having regularly arranged, overlapping edges, as roof tiles or fish scales.
v. im·bri·cat·ed, im·bri·cat·ing, im·bri·cates
To overlap in a regular pattern.
To be arranged with regular overlapping edges.

[Latin imbricātus, covered with roof tiles, from imbrex, imbric-, roof tile, from imber, imbr-, rain.]

im′bri·ca′tion n.


1. (Architecture) architect relating to or having tiles, shingles, or slates that overlap
2. (Botany) botany (of leaves, scales, etc) overlapping each other
(Architecture) (tr) to decorate with a repeating pattern resembling scales or overlapping tiles
[C17: from Latin imbricāre to cover with overlapping tiles, from imbrex pantile]
ˈimbricately adv
ˌimbriˈcation n


(adj. ˈɪm brɪ kɪt, -ˌkeɪt; v. -ˌkeɪt)

adj., v. -cat•ed, -cat•ing. adj.
1. overlapping in sequence, as tiles on a roof.
2. overlapping like tiles, as scales or leaves.
v.t., v.i.
3. to overlap.
[1650–60; < Latin imbricātus shaped like an imbrex (a convex roof tile), derivative of imbrex]


Past participle: imbricated
Gerund: imbricating

I imbricate
you imbricate
he/she/it imbricates
we imbricate
you imbricate
they imbricate
I imbricated
you imbricated
he/she/it imbricated
we imbricated
you imbricated
they imbricated
Present Continuous
I am imbricating
you are imbricating
he/she/it is imbricating
we are imbricating
you are imbricating
they are imbricating
Present Perfect
I have imbricated
you have imbricated
he/she/it has imbricated
we have imbricated
you have imbricated
they have imbricated
Past Continuous
I was imbricating
you were imbricating
he/she/it was imbricating
we were imbricating
you were imbricating
they were imbricating
Past Perfect
I had imbricated
you had imbricated
he/she/it had imbricated
we had imbricated
you had imbricated
they had imbricated
I will imbricate
you will imbricate
he/she/it will imbricate
we will imbricate
you will imbricate
they will imbricate
Future Perfect
I will have imbricated
you will have imbricated
he/she/it will have imbricated
we will have imbricated
you will have imbricated
they will have imbricated
Future Continuous
I will be imbricating
you will be imbricating
he/she/it will be imbricating
we will be imbricating
you will be imbricating
they will be imbricating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been imbricating
you have been imbricating
he/she/it has been imbricating
we have been imbricating
you have been imbricating
they have been imbricating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been imbricating
you will have been imbricating
he/she/it will have been imbricating
we will have been imbricating
you will have been imbricating
they will have been imbricating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been imbricating
you had been imbricating
he/she/it had been imbricating
we had been imbricating
you had been imbricating
they had been imbricating
I would imbricate
you would imbricate
he/she/it would imbricate
we would imbricate
you would imbricate
they would imbricate
Past Conditional
I would have imbricated
you would have imbricated
he/she/it would have imbricated
we would have imbricated
you would have imbricated
they would have imbricated
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.imbricate - place so as to overlap; "imbricate the roof tiles"
lay, place, put, set, position, pose - put into a certain place or abstract location; "Put your things here"; "Set the tray down"; "Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children"; "Place emphasis on a certain point"
imbricate - overlap; "The roof tiles imbricate"
2.imbricate - overlap; "The roof tiles imbricate"
overlap - extend over and cover a part of; "The roofs of the houses overlap in this crowded city"
imbricate - place so as to overlap; "imbricate the roof tiles"
Adj.1.imbricate - used especially of leaves or bracts; overlapping or layered as scales or shingles
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
rough, unsmooth - having or caused by an irregular surface; "trees with rough bark"; "rough ground"; "rough skin"; "rough blankets"; "his unsmooth face"
References in classic literature ?
Again in another work he says, the genera of the Connaraceae 'differ in having one or more ovaria, in the existence or absence of albumen, in the imbricate or valvular aestivation.
Rhizomes brown, not rugose, lacking whitish wax-like deposits; rhizome scales ovate, clathrate, light brown, shiny, margins hyaline, imbricate and covering the rhizome surfaces; laminae pinnate, subcoriaceous to coriaceous; medial pinnae sessile or only slightly adnate on the acroscopic side; rachises, costa, and veins abaxially glabrous or with sparse light brown to reddish brown hairs and narrow, reddish brown scales, adaxially glabrous; secondary veins raised on the abaxial surfaces, wider than the tertiary ones; margins of the pinnae cartilaginous; sori in 1-2(-3) rows between the costae and pinna margins.
In Asteropeia the flowers are 5-parted with an imbricate, persistent and accrescent calyx; the corolla is narrow and deciduous; there are 9-15 anthers that are short-dorsifixed, versatile, deciduous, and form a connate ring below; the gynoecium is superior with 3 (rarely 2) locules with 2 to many ovules per locule; the single style is elongate, with a shortly 3-lobed apex or 3 separate styles.
3 million ounce resource) hosted in imbricate shears provides a target analogue for Ester Dome.
The bracts are very dense at the lower half and imbricate, then they move apart more, so that the scape remains uncovered to the node, at the same time they become thinner and lanceolate; the uppermost are appressed to the stem.
Urzidil's portmanteau hints at what lies behind our current discussions of comparative literature as a field that is not a field(2) but an interstitial and mediate vocation, a discipline that is not a discipline per se, but a rigorous and alert repertoire of reading and writing practices that labor in that unstable gap where more self-defining (or would-be defined) domains imbricate.
Corolla (3-)4-5(-16)-merous but usually 5-merous occasionally 4-merous; usually convolute, occasionally imbricate or valvate; connate sometimes with corona.
Seismic interpretation of the new data suggests the presence of at least 5 large imbricate fault closures, covering perhaps more than 10 square miles, highly similar to the character of Pinon Field in Pecos County, TX, approximately 40 miles northwest of and on-trend with Big Canyon Prospect.
Inflorescence pendulous, 40-70 x 10-15 cm with 12 to 30 branches; primary bracts like the upper scape bracts but without the long blade, mostly apiculate, mostly shorter than the peduncles, grey-green to pink; branches spreading at ca 30[degrees] from the axis with an ebracteate 3-7 cm x 2-4 mm flattened peduncle that exceeds nearly all of the primary bracts; the fertile portion 4-8 x 1-2 cm, 4 to 10 flowered; floral bracts elliptic, acute, 20-26 x 8-10 mm nerved, variably carinate, tightly imbricate in life, spreading when dried, glabrous except for a few pale fimbriate trichomes at the very apex, bright magenta pink, somewhat glaucose.
Scape erect, 28-35 cm x 2 mm, somewhat sulcate, very sparsely punctate lepidote, reddish; scape bracts erect, imbricate throughout, the lower green, the uppermost tinged reddish, all with a foliaceous attenuate blade.
Scape erect, stiff, 30-100 cm x 2-5 mm, sparsely punctate-lepidote; scape bracts erect, laxly imbricate and exposing the upper internodes, very narrowly elliptic, subfoliaceous, punctate-lepidote, the uppermost reddish.
Unless I got every single thing wrong, and something isn't decanting its ocean of heartbreak juice over and through the imbricate seedheads of grasses, through those thousand waving arms, through things on thrones, breechings at sea, oud music, types and fonts, major but mostly minor, noble but mostly base, bituminous and anthracite in the airless dark, phases, tides, witherings and blunderings and burnings-down to the ground, elements, vessels, organs, circuits, the way fiddles finish in scrolls and old scrolls fox themselves to death, fractals, flavors, dryads, trochees, disgraces and insufficiencies, over particles, through waves, through lists, through iambs, through lamb, venison, pork, through Blake and Kit Smart and Whitman and Ginsberg, through secret suffering inward everything.