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n. pl. im·bro·glios
a. A difficult or intricate situation; an entanglement.
b. A confused or complicated disagreement.
2. Archaic A confused heap; a tangle.

[Italian, from Old Italian, from imbrogliare, to tangle, confuse : in-, in (from Latin; see in-2) + brogliare, to mix, stir (probably from Old French brooiller, brouiller; see broil2).]


n, pl -glios
1. a confused or perplexing political or interpersonal situation
2. obsolete a confused heap; jumble
[C18: from Italian, from imbrogliare to confuse, embroil]


(ɪmˈbroʊl yoʊ)

also embroglio

n., pl. -glios.
1. a misunderstanding or disagreement of a complicated nature.
2. an intricate and perplexing state of affairs.
3. a confused heap.
[1740–50; < Italian, derivative of imbrogliare to embroil]


 a confused heap of things, 1750.
Examples: imbroglio of torn boughs, 1850.
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Noun1.imbroglio - an intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation
situation - a complex or critical or unusual difficulty; "the dangerous situation developed suddenly"; "that's quite a situation"; "no human situation is simple"
2.imbroglio - a very embarrassing misunderstanding
misinterpretation, mistaking, misunderstanding - putting the wrong interpretation on; "his misinterpretation of the question caused his error"; "there was no mistaking her meaning"


noun complication, involvement, complexity, embarrassment, misunderstanding, quandary, entanglement What investor would willingly become involved in this imbroglio?


[ɪmˈbrəʊlɪəʊ] Nembrollo m, enredo m


n (liter)verwickelte Lage, Verwirrung f
References in classic literature ?
Hence, as the intelligent reader can foresee, this groom has a part to play in the imbroglio.
And then there's a general imbroglio, everyone standing up and the kid hollering and the dog barking.
It's good that Afghanistan imbroglio in kept on top of the agenda of the important conference as all the regional countries have assured to address the issue on priority basis.
Yasin, a senior officer of OGRA and a complainant against the accused in the OGRA scandal , was thrashed by the counsel of the accused, while the judge fled to his chamber room to save himself from the imbroglio.
A prison court is scheduled to hand down judgment on Nobel Peace laureate Suu Kyi and American John Yettaw when it meets on Tuesday for what was expected to be the final episode in the nearly three-month-long legal imbroglio.
Despite New Delhi's insistence that they intended to start off by discussing continued use of Pakistani soil for terror attacks in India before graduating to the next level of discussions, Pakistan persisted with its demand to start the stalled Composite Dialogue and repeating that the only solution to the strained Indo-Pak ties lay in resolving the 62-year-old Kashmir imbroglio.
KABUL, Nov 2 (KUNA) -- In a bid to resolve the Afghan political imbroglio,
In response to the imbroglio, a spokesman for Putin said the controversy will not negatively impact Russian-German relations ties and that Moscow will "treat with respect any decision by this organization".
Noel Gallagher reveals secret of the Paris dressing room imbroglio that led to the Oasis split.
Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, has called on the federal government to address the current imbroglio over foreign aid funding with "transparency, courtesy and action.
The resulting imbroglio became a full scale diplomatic incident, with Mexico angrily demanding a retraction from the broadcaster.
AMID the usual imbroglio of statistics being reeled off after Liverpool's weekend draw against Manchester City, one immediately caught the eye.