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1. An acidic organic compound containing two carbonyl groups bonded to ammonia or to a primary amine.
2. A strongly basic anion, NH2-, or a salt containing it.

[Alteration of amide.]

i·mid′ic (ə-mĭd′ĭk, ĭ-mĭd′-), im′i·do (ĭm′ĭ-dō′) adj.


(ˈɪm ɪˌdoʊ)

containing the bivalent group NH linked to one or two acid groups.
[1880–85; independent use of imido-]
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For his master's thesis, he is exploring another type of rare earth complex, those containing a double-bonded nitrogen group known as a terminal imido.
T imido a ratos, su voz mas bien monocorde se cuida siempre de ser exacta, de decir lo preciso, de dejar entrever entre sus frases perfectamente coordinadas una informacion velada, una hebra que el periodista puede seguir hasta encontrar el centro de la madeja.
The formation of amidines between imido esters and amines from protein side chains was first described in 1962 by Hunter et al.