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Capable of being completely immersed in water without suffering damage: an immersible hot plate.
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Immersible to a depth of up to one metre (three feet), the radio can be operated in extremes of temperature from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius [c] Barrett
Gas Analysis Methods Sampling Techniques Analysis of Liquid Samples * Straube-Pfeiffer (reduced pressure) Test * First Bubble Technique * Vacuum Extraction during Solidification Analysis of Solid Samples * Vacuum Subfusion Extraction * Vacuum Extraction from Remelted Sample * Carrier Gas Extraction from Remelted Sample In Situ Techniques * Immersible Probe Technique * Electrochemical Determination * Recirculating Gas Method * Direct Pressure Measurement (DPM)
Unlike immersible transducers permanently attached to the tank bottom or sides of a tank, bolt in immersible transducer units can be easily replaced sometimes without the necessity of draining the tank.
And once the team, clinking with tools and clad in immersible suits when the sea temperature is below 12 degrees in case they fall in, walk onto the yellow base, it's relatively plain sailing.
Taking the audience on a journey through T all the highs of the band's career with break out hits such as Rewired, Empire, Fire and LSF to name just a few, this was as engaging, sorry, as immersible a concert as you could hope to go to.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the provision of two flow cytometers immersible.
IP67 and meets MIL-STD-810Gtotal protection against dust and immersible in up to one meter of water.
He adds that the slicer's seals were also improved by gasketing against water and debris that can trap moisture, improved liquid and debris diversion from all control surfaces and creating a removable sharpener that is BPA-free, immersible and dishwasher safe to meet the highest hygiene standards.
It is the first tablet to run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro asynchronous quad core processor and has the highest levels of water resistance (IP55 and IP57) ever seen in a tablet, making it immersible in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes.
A study found that people who used an immersible ergocycle - basically an exercise bike in a pool - had just about the equivalent workout to using a typical stationary bike.
Featuring a full line of hand protection and protective clothing products, VersaTouch[TM] will include high-performance reusable gloves for managing cut and thermal risks, immersible gloves for working in liquid environments, and single use gloves for versatile wet and dry applications.