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About to occur; impending: in imminent danger.

[Middle English iminent, from Old French imminent, from Latin imminēns, imminent-, present participle of imminēre, to overhang : in-, in; see in-2 + -minēre, to jut, threaten; see men- in Indo-European roots.]

im′mi·nent·ly adv.
im′mi·nent·ness n.
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Adv.1.imminently - in an imminent manner
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I could not picture a father treating a dying child as tyrannically and wickedly as I afterwards learned Heathcliff had treated him, to compel this apparent eagerness: his efforts redoubling the more imminently his avaricious and unfeeling plans were threatened with defeat by death.
It was too obvious now that their situation was imminently perilous to need the aid of language to confirm it.
He was at one and the same instant all modern, all imminently primitive, capable of fighting in redness of tooth and claw, desirous of remaining modern for as long as he could with his will master the study of ebon black of skin and dazzling white of decoration that confronted him.
THERESA MAY has declared "terrorist alert - critical", meaning an attack is expected imminently.
Al-Hasawi said: "I can assure you any outstanding payments will be resolved imminently and our embargo situation will not change.
Global Banking News-January 29, 2014--Indian banks not expected to raise interest rates imminently
She will film the scenes imminently and is really looking forward to it," the Daily Mail quoted a film source as saying.
We therefore intend to interview him imminently in order to make a decision regarding his candidacy to become Villa manager.
AN INQUIRY into allegations of British security service complicity in the torture of terror suspects overseas was expected to be announced imminently, after reports PM David Cameron agreed how it will be conducted.
All the boroughs in Merseyside are due to start searching for where the sites will go imminently.
Germany's Commerzbank is understood to be in the final stages of talks to acquire the bank from its owners insurance giant Allianz, with details of the deal expected to be announced imminently.
McLeish said he would be talking to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger imminently to try and secure an extension of Djourou's loan.