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Those stern, immitigable features seemed to symbolize an evil influence, and so darkly to mingle the shadow of their presence with the sunshine of the passing hour, that no good thoughts or purposes could ever spring up and blossom there.
But this immitigable Minos cared only to examine whether they were plump enough to satisfy the Minotaur's appetite.
Some risks are inherently immitigable one of them is the issue of nuclear weapons.
He inspires great hope in his followers and immitigable fear in his detractors.
The central focus of the narrative in question would emphasize that robotization, despite being ineluctable, is a challenge to prevail over and not an immitigable threat.
To take another metaphor suited to transatlantic literary studies, The Blithedale Romance positions utopianism as salvaged flotsam tossed upon the shores of the present, dredged up, much like Zenobia's body, with fists "clenched in immitigable defiance" (3:235) of its own past failures.
Jose Louis, Head, Enforcement Assistance, Wildlife Trust of India ( WTI), gave a different view on this, " We have seen through experience how mananimal conflicts can grow into immitigable situations.
9) His conflation in "The Bear" of the "ancient and immitigable rules" (184) of the wilderness--"older than any recorded document" (183)--with "the Book" represents yet another entrapment of nature as ideology--as is the plantation--within the confines of a highly mythologized and symbolic order designed to ensure man's rightful position as hunter and master: "all the ancient rules and balances of hunter and hunted" (198).
she wracked the house with sobs and wouldn't hear / either rhyme or reason / as she choked on salt, immitigable tears.
The Appropriate Assessment states that the project in its section between Dupnitsa and Blagoevgrad has significant immitigable impacts for the Natura 2000 site Kocherinovo (BG0002099).
However, in the instance of immitigable socioeconomic demands for development, notes Janabi, there are a range of deployable measures, including the temporary relocation of mangrove trees, and the erection of pre-fabricated siltscreens that block contaminants from reaching the roots of the trees.
If you can't freely transfer international exchangeable currencies through the banking system, then you will have to find immitigable ways to do it alternatively," added Mr Kesterton.