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Thus, mere immobilism is not proposed in the face of the dimensions of indetermination or uncertainties.
uP_running vocation is the abatement of the current immobilism of the value chain actors for the utilization of APPR woody biomass.
Instead, the transaction they set in motion frames the ideologically reinforced tendency toward social and political immobilism manifest in such phenomena as gentrification and media-driven moralism.
By naturalizing history, intrahistoria takes time out of its linear trajectory: it is "a rejection of history for the immobilism of nature" (Labanyi 147).
In other words, 'Forza Italia' takes to the field: harboring no doubts about the future of the country, Berlusconi invites Italian citizens to stay in the stands and root for him in this game against the old politics and the conservatism and immobilism of Italian society.
Within this situation of immobilism, the murder of Khaled Said by the police in June 2010 provoked a moral shock that shattered the existing affective state.
Perhaps, the most undermining effects of resource curse and point resource politics are viewed in their generation of captured state institutions, systemic flaws, debilitating institutional immobilism and disruptive tendency on the polity and societal values which often makes violence and threats of instability basic components of the polity.
The reforms they call for end up being an invitation to immobilism.
The pace of the change in Irish religious culture is such that the longer the delay in advancing the fruits of the apostolic visitation, the greater the danger of false expectations and the greater the encouragement to those who prefer immobilism to reform, and the greater the threat to the effectiveness of this immense gift of the Holy Father to the Irish church," he said.
Recent events in the Middle East - Palestine's candidacy for admission to the United Nations as a member state, Palestine's admission as a member state of UNESCO and the release of Israeli hostage Gilad Shalit and of 1,027 Palestinian prisoners under a deal between Israel and Hamas - mark the end of a long period of immobilism.
It also tended to aid and abet a certain conceptualism, and with it, what he called "an anti-historical immobilism.
And, unfortunately, such assessments tend to focus on the supposed immobilism that derives from Islamic norms, which obscures knowledge of the real changes that are taking place.