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1. Not conforming to traditional sexual mores; indecent: an immodest bathing suit.
2. Boastful or arrogant: an immodest claim of success.
a. Immoderate, as in size or quantity: immodest wealth.
b. Pretentious or ostentatious: immodest furnishings.

[Latin immodestus : in-, not; see in-1 + modestus, moderate, modest; see med- in Indo-European roots.]

im·mod′est·ly adv.
im·mod′es·ty n.
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Adv.1.immodestly - without modesty; in an immodest manner; "the book was entitled, immodestly, `All about Wisdom'"
modestly - with modesty; in a modest manner; "the dissertation was entitled, modestly, `Remarks about a play by Shakespeare'"
بِصورَة غَير مُتواضِعَه ، بِقِلَّة حَياء


[ɪˈmɒdɪstlɪ] ADV [behave] → indecorosamente, impúdicamente; [dress] → sin recato; [say, claim] → con presunción


adv say, claimunbescheiden; (= indecently)unanständig


[ɪˈmɒdɪstlɪ] adv (see adj) → indecentemente, immodestamente


(iˈmodist) adjective
shameless or indecent; not modest.
imˈmodestly adverb
imˈmodesty noun
References in classic literature ?
Immodest, however, is the night-watchman; immodestly he carrieth his horn.
First, for classical liberals brought up on Hayek and Michael Oakeshott's work--and, if I may immodestly add, those who have read my own book The Poverty of Development Economics (2d expanded ed.
It was, if I may immodestly say so, the best we have put on yet and certainly give us a lot to live up to next year.
In one ruling, the Minister of Education prohibited fathers from watching their daughters in sporting events because they would see other girls immodestly dressed.
They may work to exaggerate their own worth or importance, bragging immodestly.
Sargent's early career in Paris suffered when his notorious portrait of the flamboyant and immodestly dressed Madame Gautreau met with a hostile reaction at the Salon of 1884.
It must also remember that it has, time and again, been duped by USA, at all perilous hours, and left one of its most trusted friends immodestly in the lurch.
We're a dependable, calm and rational sidekick to our immodestly overendowed neighbour to the south, an unassuming but more than competent id to the American superego.
May we begin by immodestly plugging our own "virtual site"?
For example, there is one slice of the book about which I can immodestly pronounce myself an expert, having devoted six months of the last year to investigating the story of nicotine use in cigarettes that was aired by the ABC news magazine, Day One.
Oft-cited justifications of enslavement included the views that African women were capable of the most strenuous physical labor, indifferent to the sale of their spouses and children, unladylike in thought and language, mammy-ishly desexualized, and/or lascivious and prurient enough to labor with their limbs immodestly exposed (White 101-04).
Limbaugh immodestly (but perhaps truthfully) calls himself "the world's hottest talk-show host.