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1. Not conforming to traditional sexual mores; indecent: an immodest bathing suit.
2. Boastful or arrogant: an immodest claim of success.
a. Immoderate, as in size or quantity: immodest wealth.
b. Pretentious or ostentatious: immodest furnishings.

[Latin immodestus : in-, not; see in-1 + modestus, moderate, modest; see med- in Indo-European roots.]

im·mod′est·ly adv.
im·mod′es·ty n.
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Noun1.immodesty - the trait of being vain and conceited
indecency - the quality of being indecent
modesty, modestness - freedom from vanity or conceit
2.immodesty - the perverse act of exposing and attracting attention to your own genitals
paraphilia - abnormal sexual activity
عَدم تَواضُع، قِلَّة حَياء
ókurteisi; dónaskapur


[ɪˈmɒdɪstɪ] N (= indecency) [of behaviour] → falta f de decoro, impudicia f; [of dress] → falta f de recato; (= boastfulness) → falta f de modestia, presunción f


nUnbescheidenheit f; (= indecency)Unanständigkeit f


[ɪˈmɒdɪstɪ] n (see adj) → indecenza, immodestia


(iˈmodist) adjective
shameless or indecent; not modest.
imˈmodestly adverb
imˈmodesty noun
References in classic literature ?
But, woe is me, I now comprehend what has made thee give so little heed to what thou owest to thyself; it must have been some freedom of mine, for I will not call it immodesty, as it did not proceed from any deliberate intention, but from some heedlessness such as women are guilty of through inadvertence when they think they have no occasion for reserve.
All this was of such incredible immodesty, of such monstrous effrontery, that D'Artagnan could scarcely believe what he saw or what he heard.
Now I feel like myself again, and I may say without immodesty that my body is stuffed with the loveliest oat-straw in all Oz.
Finally, in both the text and the annotations, the apparent desire for meticulousness often produces an unfortunate tone of ungraciousness and immodesty in the author's positioning of himself and his critical predecessors; moreover, the author reiterates, more than he needs to and usually verbatim, his thesis.
Here is a man we ridiculed in our own immodesty, which we saw as quiet and discreet.
But worse than length is the monstrous immodesty of Lynch's letter, which overflows with archaic, obsolete, seldom-used words and phrases, including avouch, astringent, arrant, assiduous, and rampageous.
Pornography and immodesty are key issues repeatedly opened up and worked on to overcome.
In all immodesty, I think we're playing as well as we've ever played; I feel pretty good about that.
As a singer Camille has been compared to PJ Harvey and as a performer, sex symbols and burlesque stars Dita Von Teese and Immodesty Blaize are regularly mentioned by the critics.