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tr.v. im·mo·lat·ed, im·mo·lat·ing, im·mo·lates
1. To kill (an animal, for instance) as a religious sacrifice.
2. To kill, especially by fire: "[The soldiers] are crushed under rocks, pierced by bullets, immolated by flamethrowers" (A.O. Scott).

[Latin immolāre, immolāt-, to sacrifice, sprinkle with sacrificial meal : in-, on; see in-2 + mola, meal, millstone; see melə- in Indo-European roots.]

im′mo·la′tion n.
im′mo·la′tor n.


(ˌɪm əˈleɪ ʃən)

1. an act or instance of immolating.
2. the state of being immolated.
3. a sacrifice.
[1525–35; < Latin]


the process of sacrificing, espeeially by flre. — immolator, n.
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Noun1.immolation - killing or offering as a sacrifice
ritual killing, sacrifice - the act of killing (an animal or person) in order to propitiate a deity


One or more living creatures slain and offered to a deity as part of a religious rite:


n (liter)
(= sacrifice)Opfer nt
(action) → Opfern nt, → Opferung f
References in classic literature ?
I continued, as was my wont, to smile in his face, and he did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of his immolation.
Whether the words of Madame were a pleasantry, or uttered in all innocency, they proved the pitiless immolation of everything that Louis had found charming or poetic in the young girl.
In a certain work incidentally treating of the 'Washington, or Northern Marquesas Islands,' I have seen the frequent immolation of human victims upon the altars of their gods, positively and repeatedly charged upon the inhabitants.
But now, his guilty secret known only to Balatta, whose fear of immolation before the Red One fast-sealed her lips, the situation was different.
She emptied her blackened pieces into the flames, and motioned me to finish the immolation.
If I had permitted him, I am satisfied that Traddles would have made a perfect savage of himself, and eaten a plateful of raw meat, to express enjoyment of the repast; but I would hear of no such immolation on the altar of friendship, and we had a course of bacon instead; there happening, by good fortune, to be cold bacon in the larder.
MIRPURKHAS -- A peasant attempted to commit suicide by self immolation and as a result he sustained 40 percent burn injuries during the sugarcane growers' protest.
Selon la meme source, 4 ouvriers des chantiers ont tente de se suicider par immolation a la delegation de Boussalem, en signe de protestation contre la non-reglementation de leurs situations professionnelles.
LAHORE -- Supreme Court (SC) has rejected Muzaffargarh police report in Amna Bibi self immolation case and directed district and sessions judge Multan to probe into the matter and file the inquiry report thereof before it within 6 weeks.
It followed an earlier first immolation of a Tibetan former monk Thupten Ngodrup, in Delhi in 1998, which in its shocking unprecedence has been referenced by subsequent immolators inside Tibet, most notably a senior Lama Sobha (a.
Called "Self Immolation in Tibet", the film was just one of the presentations at the college's annual Social Justice Conference, which saw the entire 350 student body take time out from timetables to attend.
QUETTA -- Family members of missing person Zakir Majid, have appealed to UN to play its role to ensure his safe recovery otherwise entire family will commit self immolation before UN office.