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tr.v. im·mo·lat·ed, im·mo·lat·ing, im·mo·lates
1. To kill (an animal, for instance) as a religious sacrifice.
2. To kill, especially by fire: "[The soldiers] are crushed under rocks, pierced by bullets, immolated by flamethrowers" (A.O. Scott).

[Latin immolāre, immolāt-, to sacrifice, sprinkle with sacrificial meal : in-, on; see in-2 + mola, meal, millstone; see melə- in Indo-European roots.]

im′mo·la′tion n.
im′mo·la′tor n.


vb (tr)
1. to kill or offer as a sacrifice, esp by fire
2. literary to sacrifice (something highly valued)
[C16: from Latin immolāre to sprinkle an offering with sacrificial meal, sacrifice, from im- (in) + mola spelt grain; see mill1]
ˌimmoˈlation n
ˈimmoˌlator n


(ˈɪm əˌleɪt)

v.t. -lat•ed, -lat•ing.
1. to sacrifice.
2. to kill as a sacrificial victim, as by fire; offer in sacrifice.
3. to destroy by fire.
[1540–50; < Latin immolātus, past participle of immolāre to sprinkle with meal prior to sacrificing, sacrifice =im- im-1 + mola sacrificial barley cake, literally, millstone; see mill1]
im′mo•la`tor, n.


Past participle: immolated
Gerund: immolating

I immolate
you immolate
he/she/it immolates
we immolate
you immolate
they immolate
I immolated
you immolated
he/she/it immolated
we immolated
you immolated
they immolated
Present Continuous
I am immolating
you are immolating
he/she/it is immolating
we are immolating
you are immolating
they are immolating
Present Perfect
I have immolated
you have immolated
he/she/it has immolated
we have immolated
you have immolated
they have immolated
Past Continuous
I was immolating
you were immolating
he/she/it was immolating
we were immolating
you were immolating
they were immolating
Past Perfect
I had immolated
you had immolated
he/she/it had immolated
we had immolated
you had immolated
they had immolated
I will immolate
you will immolate
he/she/it will immolate
we will immolate
you will immolate
they will immolate
Future Perfect
I will have immolated
you will have immolated
he/she/it will have immolated
we will have immolated
you will have immolated
they will have immolated
Future Continuous
I will be immolating
you will be immolating
he/she/it will be immolating
we will be immolating
you will be immolating
they will be immolating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been immolating
you have been immolating
he/she/it has been immolating
we have been immolating
you have been immolating
they have been immolating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been immolating
you will have been immolating
he/she/it will have been immolating
we will have been immolating
you will have been immolating
they will have been immolating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been immolating
you had been immolating
he/she/it had been immolating
we had been immolating
you had been immolating
they had been immolating
I would immolate
you would immolate
he/she/it would immolate
we would immolate
you would immolate
they would immolate
Past Conditional
I would have immolated
you would have immolated
he/she/it would have immolated
we would have immolated
you would have immolated
they would have immolated
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.immolate - offer as a sacrifice by killing or by giving up to destruction; "The Aztecs immolated human victims"; "immolate the valuables at the temple"
sacrifice - make a sacrifice of; in religious rituals


To offer as a sacrifice:


[ˈɪməʊleɪt] VTinmolar


vt (liter)opfern, zum Opfer bringen
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Tapey's act (8) at the Kirti Monastery was followed in 2011 by nineteen more immolations, largely by Buddhist monks and nuns, but increasingly also by lay-people, including villagers, a mother of young children, a teenage woman, and even nomads whose traditional grazing-lands have been appropriated for Chinese mass-settlement programs or resource extraction.
The only people who will find ``Kiss of the Dragon'' fun are action junkies hoping to see a spate of beatings, immolations and explosions carried out in the most savagely obvious ways possible.
Phuntsok also said the self immolations could be stopped if the root cause is addressed.
But analysts said such prosecutions were unlikely to end the immolations.
The report, which draws a distinction between psychiatric illness and political motivation as a causal factor, notes that Bulgaria had the lowest correlation to mental illness among European countries studied, with only a third of immolations stemming from clinical psychiatric disorders.
On the eve of the Congress meeting, with all eyes on Beijing, a spate of self immolations began in the northwestern Tibetan monastery town of Rebkong, or Tongren in Chinese.
The recent immolation incidents have caught the attention of foreign press, but Chinese state-run media have not run any reports regarding the self-immolations or the protests, but have only published the response by the Foreign Ministry.
29 ( ANI ): Mounting incidents of self immolations as mark of protest against Chinese oppression topped the agenda of lawmakers as the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile wrapped up its budget session here on Thursday.
The toll of Tibetan self immolations in China since February 2009 rose to 74.
This year we are not celebrating the New Year on a grand scale because of the spate of self immolations by Tibetans against Chinese oppression.
Blaming "separatist powers within and out of the border" and the "Dalai clique" for encouraging the recent four cases of self- immolations in the prefecture, the police reiterated that such acts are "anti-human, anti-social and terrorist behavior," the report said.
Dharamshala, Feb 8 ( ANI ): In a bid to gather support against Chinese repression in Tibet that have attracted several self immolations over the years, the Tibetan parliament- in-exile has raised its voice against violation of human rights.