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the rejection of morality


(ɪˈmɔr əˌlɪz əm, ɪˈmɒr-)

indifference toward conventional morality.
im•mor′al•ist, n.
References in classic literature ?
His reasons, however, for choosing Zarathustra of all others to be his mouthpiece, he gives us in the following words:-- "People have never asked me, as they should have done, what the name Zarathustra precisely means in my mouth, in the mouth of the first Immoralist; for what distinguishes that philosopher from all others in the past is the very fact that he was exactly the reverse of an immoralist.
Those who like may peep down under waves that are pretty transparent and see it writhing and twirling, diabolically hideous and slimy, flapping amongst bones, or curling round corpses; but above the waterline, I ask, has not everything been proper, agreeable, and decorous, and has any the most squeamish immoralist in Vanity Fair a right to cry fie?
I am not persuaded by these doubts for precisely the reason offered by Cahn: in cases of truly successful immoralists, such as the perfectly unjust man described in Plato's Republic, what bothers us most is the injustice of their happiness.
The oratorio opens with a crowd of skeptics, cynics, immoralists, and journalists on a ladder pointing to the heaven they are striving to reach.
These tweedy immoralists urge us to relax our square-john commitment to the rule of law and embrace strong executive action.
There had of course been earlier representations of individuals who denied their social or religious obligations, immoralists and nihilists like Edmund in Shakespeare's King Lear or like Marlowe's Dr.
Immorality is harmful because its self-disrespecting nature keeps immoralists from being happy.
Chesterton, surrounded by twentieth-century spiritualists, immoralists, and race-mystics who claimed to be daring adventurers but never left the small mental circles of the zeitgeist, would emphasize something different, namely the excitement of homecoming, the discovery of a land in which one really could discover new things.
By contrast, there are some (blacks/sexual "deviants") who lack this spiritual epistemological capacity and thus, as immoralists, stand outside the direct line of kinship between God and the human.
It was claimed in the Contemporary Review in 1880, for instance, that "science, culture, and aesthetics, or their best advertised professors, are at present united by a joint cupidity, founded on a common atheism," although the "appeal so eagerly made by artistic immoralists to science, begging her, on the ground of a common atheism, to come down and deliver them from virtue, can never lead to a stable alliance.
It is never enough to "protect" their own children or spouses--those immoralists who do not see the light must be protected from themselves.
He accepted his lot and prepared for the day when, like the rest of us, moralists and immoralists, believers and unbelievers alike, he would be called upon to 'present his true account'.