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 (ĭ-mōt′l, ĭ-mō′tīl′)
Not moving or lacking the ability to move.

im′mo·til′i·ty (-tĭl′ĭ-tē) n.


(Biology) (esp of living organisms or their parts) not capable of moving spontaneously and independently
immotility n


(ɪˈmoʊt l)

not able to move; not motile.
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Adj.1.immotile - (of spores or microorganisms) not capable of movement
microorganism, micro-organism - any organism of microscopic size
immobile - not capable of movement or of being moved
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In the era of assisted reproduction technologies, it is now possible to bypass several steps of normal human fertilization using immotile, non-viable, or immature sperm.
Results: In routine semen analyses, total sperm count, total motile sperm count, and fast direct forward motile and direct forward motile sperm counts were significantly lower in patients with varicoceles, and the immotile sperm count was significantly higher in patients with varicoceles compared to the control group.
Because embryo sacs are embedded quite deep inside the female reproductive structures, direct fertilization of the egg cell by the immotile sperm cells is prevented.
In the cancer setting, the EMT had been invoked as a mechanism by which immotile cancer cells might acquire a more invasive and motile phenotype that could enhance a cancer's invasive and metastatic potential.
It includes Kartegener syndrome, immotile cilia syndrome and ciliary orientation defects (1).
A method for preparation, storage and activation of large population of immotile sea urchin sperm.
Initially, the belief was that in Kartagener's syndrome the cilia were immotile.
Congenital causes include cystic fibrosis (CF, Figure 12), immotile cilia syndrome (Kartagener's syndrome), hyper-IgE syndrome, and common-variable immunodeficiency.
43) Structural and motility characteristics of cilia can classify them into 2 general entities, namely the motile and immotile (primary) cilia.
The static cilia explained the patients' chest and ear infections, as well as the immotile sperm.
Some sperms cannot make this journey and are said to be immotile.
36) The camera drifts across the landscape to seek the sculpture and then "finds" it, just as Miller describes, to then crane around it, animating the past at the same time as confronting one with the artifice of such actions through the patently immotile form of Leonidas.