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Adj.1.immunised - having been rendered unsusceptible to a diseaseimmunised - having been rendered unsusceptible to a disease
insusceptible, unsusceptible - not susceptible to
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Residents of Airdrie and Coatbridge who are eligible for the free flu vaccine are being urged to get immunised.
Residents in the Wishaw area who are eligible for the free flu vaccine are being urged to get immunised.
Reducing fortnightly payments, rather than withholding the supplement at the end of the year as occurs at present, will serve as an ongoing and immediate incentive for parents to get their children immunised and will help ensure that more children and the wider community will be protected from preventable diseases like whooping cough.
The CEO health said that during ongoing campaign a total of 577,751 children would be immunised, for which 480 teams were in the field.
Did any DHB undertake research through the last "influenza season", comparing immunised with non-immunised staff (minus high-risk staff, such as those with chronic respiratory conditions)?
The DHO said children of up to two years age would be also immunized of various diseases while pregnant women would be immunised of various diseases during the drive.
There were 288 cases in England in April - the most recorded in a month and proof the problem has spread from Wales, where 60,000 have been immunised.
The 10-17 age group is most at risk because they were due to be immunised during the controversy over the MMR jab.
A sample of 118 parents of partially immunised children was achieved, with a control group of 124 parents of fully immunised children drawn at random from the Child Health System.
Measles is caused by a very infectious virus, most commonly found in young children who have not been immunised.
MILLIONS of children have been immunised against polio during the past 30 years through Rotary International's worldwide campaign called Purple Pinkies Against Polio.
In Limassol, 80 people had been immunised by lunchtime yesterday.