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tr.v. im·mu·nized, im·mu·niz·ing, im·mu·niz·es
1. To render immune.
2. To produce immunity in, as by inoculation.
3. Law To grant immunity from prosecution or suit: immunize a witness.

im′mu·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.


adj inmunizador, inmunizante
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Giving district-vise detail Akbar Khan said that 1275 teams are formed under 362 area in-charges in Peshawar, who are immunizing 6,21,000 children.
These teams include 445 mobile teams administering polio drops from door to door, 46 transit teams which are immunizing children at entry points of the city especially bus and other transport stands while 88 fixed teams has been deputed at different hospitals, medical centers and dispensaries situated in different areas of the city.
Hailing the percentage as signifying a 'tangible progress" in immunizing children against polio in insecure areas, Health Minister Nizar Yazigi said in a press statement that the number of immunized children in Damascus countryside reached 326, 848, followed by Hama in which the number hit 325, 525, then came Damascus province with 277, 605 immunized children.
The Question: Does immunizing pregnant women for tetanus and diphtheria provide protection against these diseases in their newborns?
Objective of the Study: (1) To assess the primary immunization coverage of children aged 12-23 months; and (2) to know the reasons for partially or not immunizing the child.
Lessin said, "adults' physicians do an awful job of immunizing patients, so most adults are not fully immunized.
Immunizing witnesses in courts-martial can provide benefits to both the prosecution and the defense.
Al-Taifi said massive awareness campaigns will be launched before the start of the vaccination drive to enlighten people about the necessity of immunizing their children against polio.
Patients also can get flu shots from any Rite Aid immunizing pharmacist, subject to state regulations.
Results of a clinical trial conducted in a largely self-contained religious community during the 2008-09 influenza season show that immunizing children against seasonal influenza can significantly protect unvaccinated community members against influenza as well.
Zihai Li, builds upon a century old theory that immunizing with embryonic materials may generate an anti-tumour response.
The issue of immunizing males against HPV often comes down to whether they should receive the vaccine to protect females.