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n. inmunocito. V.: lymphocyte
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The more common disorders associated with amyloid deposition include immunocyte or plasma cell dyscrasias, chronic inflammatory disorders, genetic (familial) disorders, Alzheimer's dementia, and so-called "senile" or age-related amyloid deposition.
32) reported a higher sensitivity of ImmunoCyte compared with both urine cytology and UroVysion in detecting bladder cancer but a lower specificity; the specificity was 97%, 63% and 90% for urine cytology, ImmunoCyte and UroVysion, respectively.
The joint effort aims to enable the culture of cells of higher, more stable quality in a shorter time and at reduced cost, by applying the experience and know-how in medical devices as well as cell processing technology of Asahi Kasei to the immunocyte culture process for dendritic cell (DC) vaccine therapy and other cancer treatment technology under R&D by tella.
Cytotoxicity and immunocyte markers in cells from the freshwater snail Planorbarius corneus (L.
In fact high EGCG bioavailability, resulting in further inhibition of UGT1A1, contributed to the increased concentration of final drug intermediates that could have acted as haptens: protein adducts that may be recognized by the immune system as neoantigens and immunocyte activation generating a utoantibodies and cell-mediated immune responses (Fig.