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the study of immunity to disease


(ˌɪm yə noʊ pəˈθɒl ə dʒi, ɪˌmyu-)

the study of diseases having an immunologic or allergic basis.
im`mu•no•path`o•log′i•cal (-ˌpæθ əˈlɒdʒ ɪ kəl) im`mu•no•path`o•log′ic, adj.
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Noun1.immunopathology - the branch of immunology that deals with pathologies of the immune system
immunology - the branch of medical science that studies the body's immune system
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Mice were tested for autoantibodies at 2-week intervals and examined for immunopathology at the end of the experiment.
Hearing from chemistry, hematology, immunopathology, the transfusion service, microbiology, and the laboratory at our hospital's teaching affiliate, the Veterans Administration Medical Center, guarantees diversity while helping to unify the various areas.
Professor Ulrich von Andrian, MD, PhD, head of the immunopathology laboratory at Harvard Medical School, is a founder of Selecta.
Renia in Singapore, bringing its expertise and know-how of malaria immunopathology and vaccines.
Holtom-Garrett Professor of Neurology; Director, University of Michigan Multiple Sclerosis Center; Director, Holtom-Garrett Program in Neuroimmunology The immunopathology of multiple sclerosis
of Bristol, UK) provides a text for veterinary surgeons in general or specialist practice, residents, those taking specialist examinations, and undergraduates on basic immunology and immunopathology in the dog and cat.
Dr Gallo's literature contributions were broad and included the immunopathology of renal diseases, the natural history of human glomerulonephritis, experimental models of glomerulonephritis, and renal and extrarenal organized deposits such as amyloidosis.
Immunopathology of post kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL): T-cell phenotypes and cytokine profile.
Chapters range from electrolyte and acid-base, renal, blood cell, and endocrine disorders to body fluid analysis and clinical immunopathology.
2] INSERM U475 Immunopathology of Tumor Disease and Autoimmunity Montpellier, France