impacted tooth

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Noun1.impacted tooth - a disorder in which a tooth is so crowded in its socket that it cannot erupt normally
disorder, upset - a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning; "the doctor prescribed some medicine for the disorder"; "everyone gets stomach upsets from time to time"

im·pact·ed tooth

n. diente impactado.
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Another fantastic use of lasers in uncovering an impacted tooth or removal of extra tissue to enable correct bracket placement during orthodontic treatments.
It's bad enough to have one impacted tooth but I had to go the extra mile and have two, which without delay were surgically removed, and discarded.
By definition an impacted tooth is the one that fails to achieve its functional position in the oral cavity within the estimated time frame and remains embedded.
They relate to a continuing court battle that has pitted the federal government against Josey Willier, a teenager from Sucker Creek First Nation, who for two years complained of chronic headaches and jaw pain stemming from an impacted tooth and a severe overbite.
Radiographic evaluation revealed a well-circumscribed radiopaque mass extending between the distal of first molar and ascending ramus over an impacted tooth.
When associated with an unerupted/impacted tooth, the radiopacities may be seen clustering near the tooth crown with the apex perforating the cortex, which is confused with other lesions associated with impacted tooth such as dentigerous cyst, AOT (Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumour) and the calcifying odontogenic cyst.
Diagnosis is generally made through routine radiographic examinations performed to look for an impacted tooth as a cause of the swelling.
Frequencies and percentages were presented for all qualitative variables: gender, anatomic location, swelling, pain, caries, tooth mobility, sinus, paraesthesia, unilocular, multilocular, smooth, sclerotic, poorly defined margins and association with impacted tooth.
Beckera and Chaushu reported that 11 patients with 20 severely resorbed maxillary incisors caused by an associated adjacent impacted canine were healed without any treatment once pressure on the impacted tooth was eliminated.
They can be associated with an impacted tooth, mimicking a dentigerous cyst, and can sometimes be complex with multiple septations, making it difficult to differential OKC from ameloblastoma.
Cases of resorption caused by an impacted tooth [8-10] or supernumerary tooth [11] have been reported.