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A body that strikes another, usually larger body in an impact, as a comet striking a planet.
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Once the cage is implanted, the Impactor advances both plates at the same time, reducing implantation steps.
gov/content/asteroid-grand-challenge/mitigate/kinetic-impactor) pointed out the issue with using a kinetic impactor: Even if one or more were available immediately upon incoming asteroid detection, they would still need "at least one to two years for smaller asteroids" in lead time, and way more than that if a kinetic impactor needed to be designed and built from scratch or if the asteroid was larger.
DART would be NASA's first mission to demonstrate what's known as the kinetic impactor technique - striking the asteroid to shift its orbit - to defend against a potential future asteroid impact,' Lindley Johnson, Planetary defence officer at NASA Headquarters in Washington, was quoted as saying in the report.
The Flex-PLI is a leg-form impactor design to predict injury in pedestrian impacts [3], [4].
In addition to static and linear impactor tests, effects of inflator variations were also investigated in the study.
launched the Valor Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI), an impact-style bulk material crusher engineered to generate fines, eliminate unsound material and shape aggregate into a more cubic product, the company reported.
The company is a specialist in cascade impactor technology with products serving the pharmaceutical and aerosol research markets, as well nano-particle generation and measurement technology serving the semiconductor device fabrication market.
However, as the demand for quality aggregates has increased, Al Mohsen has taken delivery of two further Trakpactor 500 units, a Trakpactor 320 impactor, two Chieftain 2100X screens and a Warrior 2100 heavy-duty scalping screen.
As material travels from the center to the periphery of the discs at high speed, it passes through a path of five intermeshing rows of precision-machined rotating and stationary impactor pins, with the desired tight particle size distribution obtained by controlling the rotor speed.
Product is equipped with a stationary outer disc and a rotating inner disc, both of which are precision-machined and studded with impactor pins.
The impact of the impactor would have turned the sky red hot, the atmosphere would have been filled with dust and the tops of oceans would have boiled, the researchers said.