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A body that strikes another, usually larger body in an impact, as a comet striking a planet.
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A stage mensuration service is available for validating cascade impactors used for characterizing inhaled products.
The Grand Slam Series of horizontal-shaft impactors uses high-chrome metallurgy to increase the wear life of machine components, reducing metal-replacement costs.
product line in the 21st century includes an extensive line of machines for scrap processors and other recyclers, including hammermills, ringmills, slow speed high-torque shredders, knife choppers, impactors, trommel screens, jaw crushers, horizontal shaft impactors and vertical shaft impactors.
Global producer of track crushers; jaw impactors and cone crushers.
its lightweight and low power consumption levels--it uses less than one-tenth the power of typical virtual impactors or HEPA filters--make it an ideal add-on.
Hammerhead Air Impactors are currently available in 8- and 12-inch models.
Automatically sequenced bag massagers and bag impactors promote positive material flow, while a discharge spout closure system provides complete product flow shut off.
newspaper * shallow box (a shoebox will work) * 1 large bag of flour * 1 box of chocolate cake mix (paprika or cinnamon powder will work as well) * sieve * three small objects of different size and mass to serve as meteorite impactors (pebbles, marbles, balls, etc.
Automatically sequenced Flo-Master[TM] bag massagers and Power-Flo[TM] bag impactors promote positive material flow, while a Flo-Lock discharge spout closure system provides complete product flow shut off.
Although giant impactors undoubtedly constrained the timing of life's origin, quantitative statements about when the clock was set await a stronger consensus on impactor fluxes and more refined theoretical models.
For comparison between these two types of impactors, one set of the composite specimens (both toughened and conventional) were impacted by using the free-fall impactor (drop-weight impact tower).
The main Terex product lines that are part of this agreement include screens, crushers, trommels, feeders and shaft impactors, as well as articulated and rigid trucks, scrapers and excavators.