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A body that strikes another, usually larger body in an impact, as a comet striking a planet.
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KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens released a new portable tow-behind conveyor, designed to eliminate the costly double-handling of material and built as a perfect match for the manufacturer's exclusive FT line of continuous crushing and tracking impactors.
Qualification test kits include measurement tools calibrated to UKAS traceable standards, with comprehensive instructions, connectors and fittings to allow qualification of dose uniformity apparatus, critical flow controllers, cascade impactors, pumps and flow meters.
Sensors, crash dummies and impactors for special pedestrian protection tests must be regularly checked in AG-own calibration equipment, repaired and calibrated in accordance with statutory regulations and requirements of the DIN EN ISO 17025.
Among the ideas: kinetic-energy impactors that give it a whack, slow-pull gravity tractors and the staple of sci-fi disasters: nuclear bombs.
PKL[R] Series Interval Impactors are designed to deliver the force needed to dislodge sticky materials from process vessels, chutes, pipes, storage bins and dust collectors.
Python is a small scale and highly portable system using Vertical Shaft Impactors (a method of crushing rock using no water and lower energy requirements than a traditional ball mill) and pressure jigs to extract the material.
Additional theoretical work is required on pressure drop and solid particle capture for impactors of this design before theoretical predictions agree well with the measured results.
Most impactors were around 10 centimeters in diameter and traveled at speeds of up to 72 kilometers per second, Bouley says.
Impactors can be controlled discretely or in any combination.
These impactors probably represent the largest objects to hit Earth since the giant impact that formed our moon," Bottke said.
10] gravimetric monitors; two cyclones air samplers, two laser aerosol monitors, six biological cascade impactors, and a weather station.
Cascade impactors cannot simulate the complex deposition characteristics of the lung, but rather fractionate a sample with particles in the sub-10 micron range on the basis of size.