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Noun1.impartation - the transmission of information
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
giving - the imparting of news or promises etc.; "he gave us the news and made a great show of the giving"; "giving his word of honor seemed to come too easily"
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Since "a structure is formalized to the extent that the rules governing behavior are precisely and explicitly formulated," (145) the activity of the Spirit may be seen as an impartation of the divine freedom to govern the created order (see 2 Cor 3:17).
Shug punctuates this discourse with the impartation that God loves everything we love and much more.
Those scholars were blind to the ways Luther himself does speak of justification as a real impartation, for instance, or of the real presence of Christ in faith, and thus skewed not only contemporary appropriation of Luther but also the capacity of Lutherans to enter into dialogue with Christians of other faith traditions.
In other words, while "education," as currently practiced, means the impartation of acceptable and "quantifiable" knowledge, educere means also the change of behavior.
The black 'colonized', the Other, represented opposite values that therefore required the impartation of civility and reform (Orford 1999).
Calfee reported that psychology holds the necessary theory and findings to help provide a paradigm shift for how academic information is delivered, specifically, a needed shift "from impartation to engagement" (p.
A "communication" is broadly defined as including, "(b) anything comprising speech, music, sounds, visual images or data of any description; and (c) signals serving either for the impartation of anything between persons, between a person and a thing or between things or for the actuation or control of any apparatus.
As can be expected, the incorporation of nanosilica results in a rise in the modulus of HDPE owing to the impartation of the high stiffiness of the fillers to the matrix polymer.
Solomon, though, desired that Godly impartation that his father had received.
He also praised the role of judiciary against such a menace and said that impartation of training to judges by the UN body also proved helpful in this regard.
You will experience an impartation of the supernatural in your life.
First, due to being weak markets or the impartation velocity of news, they often have highly dispersed data, so that these markets are nonlinear and asymmetric the assumption cannot be ignored.