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n.1.One who imparts.
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The title "satyaguru" denotes both the location of true knowledge and the imparter of this knowledge.
The "School of Life" has so often been a better imparter of wisdom and experience than any educational establishment.
The School of Life has so often been a better imparter of wisdom and experience than any educational establishment.
In his later life and identity as Yerloburka, or Kaurna 'old man of the sea', O'Brien is now probably the most prominent Kaurna elder in the true sense of the word, meaning a teacher and imparter of wisdom.
Therefore, the organization can act as the vessel and imparter of knowledge while individuals in the organization can master the required trades.
These lessons, however, also re-inscribe for the learner (unless they are actively countered) the gendered roles and expectations within the social framing of religious practices; it is the mother who nurtures and rears the child and who supposedly acts as bearer and imparter of a particular identity code.
The document identifies five key elements central to the personalized learning model: flexible, anytime, anywhere learning; redefining the role of "teacher" from imparter of knowledge to guide; project-based learning; a student-driven path; and competency-based assessments.
Educators, too, have changes to face in this new teaching environment moving from being the imparter of knowledge to being the creator of learning opportunities and moderator of discussions (Salmon 2004).
Watson used The Canadian School Journal as his forum for explaining his opinions on this matter, characterizing the teacher as a director of student activities and not an imparter of information.
Celebrators and conservators of the things of the soil, Henry Thoreau, "poet-naturalist," and Arthur Versluis, teacher-farmer, are imparters of that most enduring of life-lessons signaled in Walden: "Our whole life is startlingly moral.
Given that most students are typically socialized to seeing course instructors as holders and imparters of content knowledge and truth, they are often nonplussed when asked for their perceptions, judgments, or opinions.
Mandatory reporting by social-service workers, healthcare practitioners, education imparters, law enforcement officers, photo developers, IT professionals, ISPs, credit card companies and banks, telecom service providers, network service providers, web-hosting service providers, search engines, online payment sites, online-auction sites, online-market places, and cyber cafes should be made a legal obligation.