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tr.v. im·part·ed, im·part·ing, im·parts
1. To grant a share of; bestow: impart a subtle flavor; impart some advice.
2. To make known; disclose: persuaded to impart the secret.
3. To pass on; transmit: imparts forward motion.

[Middle English imparten, from Old French impartir, from Latin impertīre, impartīre : in-, in; see in-2 + partīre, to share (from pars, part-, part; see perə- in Indo-European roots).]
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Noun1.imparting - the transmission of information
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals
giving - the imparting of news or promises etc.; "he gave us the news and made a great show of the giving"; "giving his word of honor seemed to come too easily"
References in classic literature ?
Doubtless," said the Philosopher to himself, as he walked away, "the wisdom of fools is no deeper nor truer than ours, but they really do seem to have a more impressive way of imparting it.
He did not impart these truths without imparting certain tricks with them, which I was careful to imitate as soon as I began to write in his manner, that is to say instantly.
Quasimodo then constituted himself the rearguard, and followed the archdeacon, walking backwards, squat, surly, monstrous, bristling, gathering up his limbs, licking his boar's tusks, growling like a wild beast, and imparting to the crowd immense vibrations, with a look or a gesture.
It was certainly a doubtful charm, imparting a hard, metallic lustre to the child's character.
It appeared to me that it would take time, to become uncommon under these circumstances: nevertheless, I resolved to try it, and that very evening Biddy entered on our special agreement, by imparting some information from her little catalogue of Prices, under the head of moist sugar, and lending me, to copy at home, a large old English D which she had imitated from the heading of some newspaper, and which I supposed, until she told me what it was, to be a design for a buckle.
He said school of investigation, school of anti-riot and school of information technology have been established in Police Lines for imparting specialised training to the police force.
The program aims at, not only developing key specialized skills, but also imparting knowledge about various freelancing and other employment and entrepreneurial opportunities available internationally and locally.
Initially, he said the training has been imparted to only two teachers while imparting training to more teachers would further strengthened the online checking system.
Parveen Shah expressed her satisfaction over the working of the Ghotki Campus for the imparting higher education on modern lines.
They said they will be imparting training to the development squad from tomorrow, Saturday at the Johar hockey stadium and the training camp of the junior team has been terminated and players will resume training next month after the return of Pak development squad from Oman.
He said that under Punjab Skills Development Strategy-2018, TEVETs of Punjab are successfully achieving the annual targets of imparting skill training to 550000 youth of the province.
has patented a perfume comprised of water, alcohol, oil and a scent imparting constituent; one or more surfactants effective for solubilizing the oil in the water and alcohol; particles dispersed uniformly throughout the perfume that impart one or more visual effects to the perfume viewable when the perfume is in a transparent vessel and a stabilizing agent comprising ammonium acryloyl dimethyltaurate/ carboxyethyl acrylate crosspolymer; in a concentration effective for stabilizing rheology, viscosity, and particle suspension and imparting a capacity to make a misting spray pattern when the perfume is sprayed through a sprayer, wherein the one or more visual effects is not viewable when sprayed onto a surface.