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1. Not subject to suffering, pain, or harm.
2. Unfeeling; impassive.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin impassibilis : in-, not; see in-1 + passibilis, passible; see passible.]

im·pas′si·bil′i·ty, im·pas′si·ble·ness n.
im·pas′si·bly adv.


1. not susceptible to pain or injury
2. impassive or unmoved
imˌpassiˈbility, imˈpassibleness n
imˈpassibly adv


(ɪmˈpæs ə bəl)

1. incapable of suffering pain.
2. incapable of suffering harm.
3. incapable of emotion; impassive.
im•pas`si•bil′i•ty, im•pas′si•ble•ness, n.
im•pas′si•bly, adv.


, impassable - Impassible is incapable of feeling or suffering; impassable is not capable of being passed.
See also related terms for incapable.
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Not capable of being affected or impressed:
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Always the same impassible member of the Reform Club, whom no incident could surprise, as unvarying as the ship's chronometers, and seldom having the curiosity even to go upon the deck, he passed through the memorable scenes of the Red Sea with cold indifference; did not care to recognise the historic towns and villages which, along its borders, raised their picturesque outlines against the sky; and betrayed no fear of the dangers of the Arabic Gulf, which the old historians always spoke of with horror, and upon which the ancient navigators never ventured without propitiating the gods by ample sacrifices.
Ferguson, still cold and impassible, talked of this, that, and the other; but he strove in vain to overcome this infectious gloominess.
In less than five minutes they had thus revealed to me their characters, and in less than five minutes I had buckled on a breast-plate of steely indifference, and let down a visor of impassible austerity.
Raoul, impassible, and a little disengaged by the attention of his hosts, looked from his place through the open window at the gardens and the statues which peopled them.
Raoul sprang towards the comte, but the latter had already overcome his emotion, and turned to the lights with a serene and impassible countenance.
The officer looked askance at the impassible figure of his companion, and grew pale: he was an honest man as well as a brave one.
Elle les avait harangues, puis elle avait frappe et gifle l'un d'eux, reste impassible.
The snow is expected to cause low visibility and hazardous driving conditions with the possibility of impassible roads at times, especially in areas under a Winter Storm Warning (currently forecasted to include Van Buren, Kalamazoo, Calhoun and Jackson counties).
As a result, there are dirt and mud all over the place so much so that many places have become impassible.
On ne saurait alors demeurer impassible AaAaAeA ces malheurs q torturent des vies humaines AaAaAeA quelques kilomAaAaAeA?
Roads which have either been neglected or damaged by flood waters, have deep and large potholes and some have been rendered impassible.
A number of cars became stuck on the Moor Road between Alnwick and Rothbury, and the B6342 at Garleigh Moor, Northumberland, became impassible, with a minibus full of school children unharmed but stuck in the snow.