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1. Devoid of or not subject to emotion.
2. Revealing no emotion; expressionless.
3. Archaic Incapable of physical sensation.
4. Motionless; still.

[in- + passive, suffering (obsolete).]

im·pas′sive·ly adv.
im·pas′sive·ness, im′pas·siv′i·ty n.
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Noun1.impassiveness - apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactionsimpassiveness - apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactions
apathy - an absence of emotion or enthusiasm


, impassivity
nGelassenheit f
References in classic literature ?
The Sphinx has one hundred and fifty qualifications for impassiveness which you lack.
Addressing her composed face, whose intelligence, however, is too quick and active to be concealed by any studied impassiveness, however habitual, to the strong Saxon face of the visitor, a picture of resolution and perseverance, my Lady listens with attention, occasionally slightly bending her head.
I told him exactly what had happened and he listened with seeming impassiveness, but his nostrils twitched and his eyes blazed as I told how the ruthless hands of the Count had held his wife in that terrible and horrid position, with her mouth to the open wound in his breast.
This caused so rapid and complete a diversion from the attack that D'Artagnan's adversary, while the latter turned round to face this shower of blows, sheathed his sword with the same precision, and instead of an actor, which he had nearly been, became a spectator of the fight--a part in which he acquitted himself with his usual impassiveness, muttering, nevertheless, "A plague upon these Gascons
No one had yet observed in the gallery of the statues of the kings, carved directly above the arches of the portal, a strange spectator, who had, up to that time, observed everything with such impassiveness, with a neck so strained, a visage so hideous that, in his motley accoutrement of red and violet, he might have been taken for one of those stone monsters through whose mouths the long gutters of the cathedral have discharged their waters for six hundred years.
Paul standing in it, with his usual pallid impassiveness.
Perhaps her face was rigidly set--but that marmoreal impassiveness, that magnificent stolidity, as of a wonderful statue by some great sculptor working under the curse of the gods; that imposing, unthinking stillness of her features, had till then mirrored for him the tranquil dignity of a soul of which he had thought himself--as a matter of course--the inexpugnable possessor.
And he was aware of this impassiveness concealing a lucid astonishment.
Finally, they ran into the playground, where they were observed, from a distance and with a certain impassiveness, by the 'orphans' and the orphanage staff.
This impassiveness is at the same time anxiety, in a way which may well point to the final undecidability of literature itself--that literature which Kafka declared, on good authority, to be wholly the case.
Research indicates that neglectful environments (inadequate play space and materials, limited opportunities for play, and impassiveness to a child's play needs) impair children's fine and gross motor skills, communication and cognitive development (NSPCC, 2008; Long et al, 2012).
But, instead, the respondents have exhibited complete apathy and impassiveness in not even taking the case of the petitioner award," it noted.