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1. Devoid of or not subject to emotion.
2. Revealing no emotion; expressionless.
3. Archaic Incapable of physical sensation.
4. Motionless; still.

[in- + passive, suffering (obsolete).]

im·pas′sive·ly adv.
im·pas′sive·ness, im′pas·siv′i·ty n.
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Noun1.impassivity - apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactionsimpassivity - apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactions
apathy - an absence of emotion or enthusiasm


References in classic literature ?
But however great was the power of this woman with eyes of flame in reading the hearts of those whose secrets she wished to divine, she met this time with a countenance of such impassivity that no discovery followed her investigation.
But why, unless for the love of the life those effigies shared with us in their wandering impassivity, should one try to reproduce in words an impression of whose fidelity there can be no critic and no judge, since such an exhibition of the art of shipbuilding and the art of figure-head carving as was seen from year's end to year's end in the open-air gallery of the New South Dock no man's eye shall behold again?
The traveller's ambition to tell was not theirs, and, with dumb impassivity, they dismissed experiences which they did not value for the immediate incidents of this homely upland--the trivial movements of the two girls in disturbing the clods with their hackers so as to uncover something or other that these visitants relished as food.
The door was already closed, but between the curtains which his hands had drawn apart, Prince Maiyo was standing in the room which they had just quitted, and there was something in the calm impassivity of his white, stern face which seemed to madden her.
He wore gold-rimmed pince-nez, and had a curious impassivity of feature.
Thus, when he first meets Arthur, accuses him of impassivity and then, immediately, of unfriendliness, he takes care of such contradiction by saying, "but you know what I mean" (14; emphasis mine).
The moral coercion of self-violence may be a powerful means of externalizing, relocating blame, of forcing others to take responsibility; against this is an elaboration of distinctive modes of impassivity, resistance and self-restraint.
Raised above the level of the sloping street and protected from it by the convent walls, the impassivity of which is pierced by port-holes, the garden at first seems inaccessible.
Only against so flat a descriptive surface can Muske veer from the impassivity of the strictly visual, or what in the title poem she calls "God's bright murderous gaze," to the mayhem of sympathetic response.
The cult status Huppert has attained clearly reflects a contemporary sensitivity to the closure she conveys--the impassivity of her cheeks and mouth, the unseeing eyes--her craft residing almost exclusively in the periorbital, auricular, and frontalis musculature of her face.
The Wales rugby union coach presents to the world an enduring impassivity that no rock could rival.
Ford, in fact, has become Pollack's de facto stand-in for Robert Redford (Pollack and Redford teamed for six movies, including ``Out of Africa'' and ``The Way We Were''), playing his part with the same remote impassivity that characterized Redford's work.