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 (ĭm-păs′tō, -pä′stō)
n. pl. im·pas·tos
1. The application of thick layers of pigment to a canvas or other surface in painting.
2. The paint so applied.

[Italian, from impastare, to make into a paste : in-, in (from Latin; see in-2) + pasta, paste (from Late Latin; see paste1).]


1. (Art Terms) paint applied thickly, so that brush and palette knife marks are evident
2. (Art Terms) the technique of applying paint in this way
[C18: from Italian, from impastare; see impaste]


(ɪmˈpæs toʊ, -ˈpɑ stoʊ)

1. the laying on of paint thickly.
2. the paint so laid on.
3. enamel or slip applied to a ceramic object to form a decoration in low relief.
[1775–85; < Italian, n. derivative of impastare to impaste]


1. In painting, the thick application of paint.
2. In ceramics, the application of enamel or slip to a ceramic object to form a decoration in low relief.
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Noun1.impasto - painting that applies the pigment thickly so that brush or palette knife marks are visible
painting - creating a picture with paints; "he studied painting and sculpture for many years"
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For far too long, women's watches have been almost an afterthought, mostly just men's watches with smaller dimensions and a thick impasto of diamonds.
Her rich, impasto acrylics have the energetic colours of the Scottish Colourist tradition yet are richly evocative of this corner of Wales.
Caption: 3 Made in gilded metal and marble, Bungalow 5's piper gold statue has a distinctive profile, along with a long bill and long, slender legs covered with a textured impasto.
Modality is the team effort of IMpasto Animation Studios and Apprising Apps, which joined together to form Joyful Machines in 2016.
Traces of the artist's hand are always legible within them; paint is sometimes applied across broad swaths of the canvas in a rapid alia prima ductus, and sometimes details are built up in layered impasto.
Some of the vessels bear indentations of design, like reverse impasto.
The items for sale included abstracts, Farsi calligraphy and pastoral images in the thick-paint impasto style.
Finally, for their third painting, I introduce them to spackle and have them experiment with making impasto paintings, which forces them to consider texture in their work.
Sonia Bublaitis is exhibiting four photographic prints which look like explosions of colour, and Howard Manttan's Rainbow Blast uses heavy impasto and diagonal lines across the canvas to also create a colour blast.
It became apparent that seeing them all with faces in black impasto made a powerful statement about their death or imprisonment, so that's how I continued," he said.
8da YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Overall 9 Isles 10 Timer 11 Grenade 12 Gnu 13 Nuthatch 16 Cheapest 17 Vim 19 Chained 21 Delta 22 Nears 23 Distant DOWN: 1 Cottage 2 Vermouth 3 Fair 4 Life raft 5 Elba 6 Asset 8 Light-headed 13 Neatness 14 Civilian 15 Impasto 18 Scent 20 Alas 21 Dish QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Wheelbarrow 8 Sea 9 May 11 Circuit 12 Bride 13 Arm 14 Tea 15 Variant 17 Pew 19 Unit 21 Abet 23 Sage 25 Code 27 Tom 29 Take off 31 Any 34 Box 36 Noose 37 Surname 38 Tag 39 Led 40 Handwritten DOWN: 1 Weir 2 Harm 3 Educate 4 Butt in 5 Robin 6 Omit 7 Wade 8 Scalp 10 Yeast 16 Tug 18 Wad 20 Net 22 Bet 24 At first 25 Chant 26 Geyser 28 Mixed 30 Amend 32 Noah 33 Yoga 34 Bale 35 Omen
The vibrant colours, heavy impasto, and rigorous geometry of the late '50s now gave way to contemplative works of the highest quality.